Northern Trust forms a relationship with Enfusion

Northern Trust (Nasdaq: NTRS) is a leading cloud-native provider, Enfusion, Inc., as part of its ongoing strategy to meet client needs throughout its investment lifecycle. Established a relationship with (“Enfusion”) (NYSE: ENFN). Investment management software and services. It provides portfolio management, order and execution management systems (OEMS), and analytics capabilities to each other’s clients.

Through this collaboration, Enfusion and Northern Trust will be a fully integrated end-to-end client for asset managers, hedge funds, and internally managed asset owners to streamline workflows while leveraging their strengths. We can provide a solution.

Enfusion’s innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform has been cloud-native since its inception in 2006, providing portfolio management, transaction execution, order management, and risk management capabilities from a single platform. Offer and remove key operational and technical barriers. What asset managers and hedge funds are facing. The software component works from a single integrated dataset and keeps the investment and accounting records (IBOR and ABOR) in sync throughout the trading day, so front, middle and back offices all have access to the same information.

Mark Mallet, Global Head of All Office Strategy at Northern Trust, said: “By integrating Northern Trust’s suite of services with the Enfusion platform, we can meet the growing demand for an end-to-end, organized ecosystem throughout the investment lifecycle.”

This partnership will enable a mutually supported interface between the Enfusion platform and Northern Trust’s core asset services platform, speeding implementation, improving data access and ultimately operational efficiency. Clients also benefit from the expertise of the dedicated service teams of both companies.

“Platforms like Enfusion and service providers like Northern Trust play a key role in the client’s operational infrastructure,” said Thomas Kim, CEO of Enfusion. “By leveraging each other’s strengths and creating seamless workflows, mutual clients can derive faster and more complete business benefits from both organizations.”

Based on this partnership, Enfusion has co-developed a mutually supported certified interface with Northern Trust partners Equity Data Science, Inc. (EDS), which is used by multiple collaborative clients. EDS provides a cloud-based platform that provides asset managers and hedge funds with applications and decision-making tools throughout the investment lifecycle, including idea generation, research management (RMS), portfolio building, risk management, and performance attribution. To do. This collaboration demonstrates the power of the Northern TrustWhole Office strategy to address client challenges and work with market-leading companies to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

The Northern Trust Hall Office is an advanced open architecture multi-asset class strategy that serves a variety of market participants, including asset managers, asset owners, investors and third-party managers. By integrating its unique architecture with innovative partners, Northern Trust Whole Office facilitates client access to new technologies and features across the spectrum of strategic and trading, operational, data, digital and analytics solutions.

Northern Trust forms a relationship with Enfusion

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