Norwegian Boathouse Style Cabin-Cabin Fever

WIs it about the cabin that has such an eternal charm? The idea of ​​letting yourself in the wild, being separated from the enthusiastic communication of the modern world and embracing nature is certainly fascinating, and the best cabin design embodies that feeling. Due to the skillful use of natural materials such as wood and stone, the cabin has a way to connect indoors and outdoors, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature rather than keep out the inhabitants. Gestalten’s new book Claustrophobic fever Celebrate cabins around the world and are particularly engrossed in this Norwegian boathouse-style home on the west coast. Anna Southgate describes its structure.

“Inspired by the dilapidated boathouse that once existed here, this rustic-looking cabin straddles the rock crevices of the Norwegian Mole coast. The Norwegian pine-covered cabin Incorporating typical features of local boathouse architecture, along the gable-walled barn-style doors and long, adaptable facade, the entire section of the wall can be lifted to open into the deck area. Such features used to serve as a practical function for storing boats and fishing gear, but now blur the lines of inner and outer spaces.

This aspect of the design allows rock to appear inside and out, and is further taken over by lining the cabin walls with wood taken from an old boathouse. Strips of glass panels cross the back wall and roof, and each section is lined with cotton canvas, providing diffuse light to the large open space below. In addition, since there is no inner wall, furniture can be arranged and rearranged according to a wide range of applications. “

Norwegian Boathouse Style Cabin-Cabin Fever

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