Nory Raises $ 2 Million for AI and Automation

Based in Dublin Norrie Raised US $ 2 million in a pre-seed round to allow restaurants to manage their full suite of operations at the tap of a button. From staffing and inventory management to promotional campaigns, it didn’t look that easy.Pre-seed round with Cavalry Ventures Play fair capital, Additional participation from Enterprise Ireland, and major angel investors from Europe and the United States.

“Even before the pandemic, restaurants faced a very difficult trading environment, which means that the industry has low barriers to entry, is highly competitive and difficult to differentiate. Also, raw material to delivery aggregators. It’s also a labor-intensive business with high operating costs in many ways, and there’s little room for error.

The last 12 months have been devastating to the industry, but the need for evolution in working styles has also become clear. Conor Sheridan, CEO and Founder of Nory, said:

He adds: “AI and automation will define the future of restaurant management, and Nory will be at the forefront of supporting these businesses to achieve a more sustainable and profitable future. I’m glad that our keen brains support us. “

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Sheridan knows what he’s talking about by having a first-hand experience with the restaurant business. He was a quantitative trader and investment strategist before leaving his career in the financial industry to set up and launch Mad Egg in March 2018. MadEgg is Ireland’s fastest growing independent restaurant chain. Within 14 months, Mad Egg had annual revenue of US $ 6 million, staff of 90 people, and used early versions of Nory’s core technology to achieve five times the industry’s typical rate of return.

This expertise also convinced investors. “When we make sure that our founders have a deep understanding of the industry and its processes, we always pay immediate attention. That is the basis of our extraordinary products. Stefan Walter, Managing Partner of Cavalry Ventures, said. It states as follows.

State-of-the-art technology for restaurants around the corner

Operating a restaurant is very complex and is part of data science, logistics management and theatres. Effectively adjusting all the factors is not an average feat. Nory brings the world of restaurants together in one single source of truth.

The AI ​​in this product supports restaurant teams by learning and anticipating business needs and enabling them to do their jobs more effectively. From inventory to order, recipes to prepare, staff personnel, and timing, Nory helps you make database decisions across all suites of restaurant operations. “We are not another product for’working’. Our automation lays the groundwork and enables restaurant teams to confidently carry out important processes with a single tap, ”explains Connor Sheridan.

So far, such products have been booked for some of the top restaurant chains on the market. Nory is currently trying to bring the game-changing technology to smaller chains as well as individual restaurants. Conor Sheridan is a team of 8 employees already serving 25 customers. Nory aims to bring technology to smaller chains as well as individual restaurants, but the product is also drawing attention to some of the world’s largest restaurant chains. In the next quarter, they will start a pilot project with McDonald’s.

“Despite being a multi-billion dollar restaurant industry worldwide, there is a huge shortage of services due to the latest AI and automation technologies. Leveraging these and lessons learned from MadEgg, Nory It provides restaurant owners and operators of all sizes with unprecedented insights to help them run their businesses in a more efficient and profitable way. Chris Smith, Managing Partner of PlayFair Capital. States:

Nory Raises $ 2 Million for AI and Automation

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