Novak Djokovic twists visa standoffs and grants “guarantee” in diplomatic passports | Tennis | Sports

Novak Djokovic Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke could give a lifeline to his ongoing blunder after exercising his authority to revoke the issuance of a Serbian visa for the second time since his arrival in Serbia. Djokovic was already allowed to enter Australia earlier this week by a judge, but new concerns raise questions about whether his right to compete at the Australian Open is in the public interest.

Upon landing in Melbourne earlier this month, Djokovic was detained in jail for several days.

Australian officials have requested more information on his medical vaccine exemption, initially granted by two independent committees.

After waiting a few days for the appeal hearing, the judge declared that the 34-year-old boy had done everything he could to legally enter the country, and Djokovic was in a practice field in Melbourne hours later.

However, Hawk retained the right to revoke his visa again for the public good. This is exactly what happened on Friday.

He is scheduled for a second detention on Saturday and faces the prospect of deportation and a three-year visa ban.

Not surprisingly, it will be a big blow to the Australian Open champions who are aiming to win the Australian Open nine times. Roger Federer When Rafael Nadal Regarding the title of Grand Slam.

However Daily mail Djokovic points out that he enjoys the luxury of a special “diplomatic passport”.

According to some reports, it should give him “appropriate” treatment from Australian officials, and according to some reports his mother said, he is far from being kept.torture‘.

Djokovic was awarded a diplomatic passport by the Serbian government in 2011 for spreading the popularity of Serbia to the world.

The benefits of holding one vary from country to country, but some allow owners to fly abroad without applying for a visa.

But a lawyer Kianborn Djokovic argued that he could only benefit from diplomatic immunity if he entered Australia for an official national enterprise.

The Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade also states on their website that possession of such a passport does not lead to special privilege rights.

Djokovic will play at the Australian Open on Monday as more development is expected in the coming days.

However, Hawk and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison defended a decision that appeared to have been made under “careful consideration.”

The government fired when Djokovic’s first medical vaccine waiver emerged, given that strict Covid measures have been implemented against long spells during the pandemic process.

The 34-year-old revealed that he had not been vaccinated by Australian border authorities and recently admitted that he had attended an interview with a French journalist despite a positive Covid test the day before. I did.

Novak Djokovic twists visa standoffs and grants “guarantee” in diplomatic passports | Tennis | Sports

Source link Novak Djokovic twists visa standoffs and grants “guarantee” in diplomatic passports | Tennis | Sports

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