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OHW + is scheduled to go on sale next month. This is a new digital platform for occupational health and safety and a reliable place for professional development as an OH or welfare professional. But how does it work? This is what you need to know.

Occupational Health & Wellbeing will be restarted as a new digital platform OHW +, released next month (May) and will be up and running in June.

That will mean some major changes, especially May will be the final physical print version of the magazine. However, we believe that OHW + is a very positive change in providing practitioners with a variety of CPD-based benefits and access to a library of specialized content.

OHW + members will have access to a variety of additional perks for professional growth. This includes carefully selected content, up-to-date analysis, regular email updates, and access to state-of-the-art webins.

Below is a summary of the major changes in these FAQs, but simply put, you can choose from three levels of membership that provide different access to OHW + content. This is what you need to know.

What is OHW +?

OHW + is Occupational Health & Wellbeing’s new digital home. Basically, everything currently available in physical magazines and online news will continue through the new digital portal that is part of the Personnel Today website.

But that’s not all. Becoming a previously nonexistent OHW + member has additional benefits, including up-to-date analytics sent directly to your inbox and access to four high-level CPD webins every year.

The following are available in the new OHW +:

  • CPD webinar. These webins, led by Professor Anne Harris, highlight some of the key questions and challenges facing the profession.
  • CPD library. Continuous professional development articles on a variety of topics, with new guides or webins added each month.
  • OH Professional Resources. A digital archive of carefully curated and constantly updated news, research, insights, advice and opinions.
  • “Editor’s Choice” analysis of monthly newsletters and regular updates. It arrives directly in your email inbox.
  • Digital archive. An online library of 8,000 occupational health and safety articles.

How can I participate?

There are three OHW + membership levels to choose from. The great news is that it’s all cheaper than the annual subscription to print magazines.

1) Registered user. Anyone can sign up for the website for free and become a registered user. However, the content that can be accessed is limited.

You can read a certain number of articles each month from our digital archives, as well as tasters of other content on the site. In addition to this, you can choose to receive a monthly “OHW + Direct” e-mail newsletter.

2) OHW + member. The next level of membership is to become an OHW + member. From just £ 1 a week, you’ll have access to digital archives, monthly OHW + direct mail newsletters, and unlimited access to expertly selected and regularly updated news, features, opinions, and insights.

In addition to this, twice-monthly “Editor’s Choice” news backside analysis and commentary is delivered directly to your inbox.

3) OHW + premium member. OHW + Premium membership starts at less than £ 2.50 per week. Premium members enjoy all the benefits of becoming an OHW + member as described above, but have unlimited access to the extensive CPD library and quarterly CPD webinar led by Professor Anne Harriss.

In addition to these three core membership categories, there are discount options available to large employers.Email the subscription team [email protected] For more information.

What happens to my existing Occupational Health & Wellbeing subscription?

If you are already a print magazine subscriber (and thank you for your support), you will be automatically migrated to the OHW + platform.

Your subscription team will contact you to make the transition to OHW + as seamless and easy as possible.

What if my current subscription still has a period left?

This will be rolled over to your OHW + membership and the subscription team will announce a new renewal date.

How do I pay for OHW + membership?

Payments can be made annually with a credit card or directly debit annually or quarterly to save money. Here are some numbers you should know:

Annual credit card
Premium OHW + Membership £ 150 (including VAT)
Basic OHW + membership £ 60 (including VAT)

Annual direct debit (about 14% savings)
Premium OHW + Membership £ 129 (including VAT)
Basic OHW + membership £ 52 (including VAT)

Quarterly direct debit (7% savings)
Premium OHW + Membership £ 35 (Including VAT, total £ 140 per year)
Basic OHW + membership £ 14 (including VAT, total £ 56 per year)

So when and where should we start?

OHW + will be available from June. After that, you will be able to sign up as a registered user and access OHW + at the following URL:

OHW + Answered Your Question-Today’s Personnel

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