One Direction has finally settled the £ 24.7m tax line around the “Alphabet Scheme”

One Direction has settled a whopping £ 24.7m tax line on the “alphabet scheme” hanging on young people for five years, the new account shows.

The paperwork of 1D Media Limited, managed by Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan, refers to legal disputes since 2016.


In March 2016, it revealed that One Direction could be involved in a legal dispute and cost up to £ 24.7m.Credits: Getty Images-Getty

However, the numbers just released for the company do not mention the problem — suggesting that the problem has now been resolved.

It’s not clear if they paid either Disputed money When HM Revenue and Customs Office or the tax office chief retreats.

In March 2016, it was revealed that bandmates could be involved in a legal dispute and cost up to £ 24.7m.

It was after Star changed his share on 1D Media into an “alphabet” structure. This is legal, but hated by tax inspectors. This scheme allows users to group stocks into categories such as A to J. This allows you to place your profits at different dividend payment rates.

Dividends are not covered by national insurance premiums such as wages, so less tax is deducted.

The group has previously stated that it has insurance that covers payments of up to £ 18m in the event of a loss.

The latest account submitted to Companies House does not clarify the amount of the agreed payment, if any.

However, they show that the company’s reserves fell by £ 5.2 million in 2020, from £ 7.8 million to £ 2.6 million. According to an account approved by former manager Alan McAvoy, the band had assets of £ 5.2 million, while creditors had a debt of £ 2.6 million.

In 2019, the company’s cash increased by £ 800,000, but in 2018 it increased by £ 2 million and the previous year by £ 1.2 million.

Harry, Lewis, Liam and Neil resigned from the company’s board of directors when the band split in 2016. There is no suggestion that a former bandmate, or Zayn Malik, who left 1D in March 2015, engaged in illegal tax evasion.

Earlier, 1D sources explained Zayn’s departure from the band and claimed that a share class was set up to “differentiate the right to receive income.”

“Accounting isn’t specifically stated, but the settlement could have reduced reserves by more than £ 5m,” said a tax expert.

NS Former bandmates have built a successful solo career, And Sun talked yesterday about how Harry plans to release a third album.

One music source said, “The boys were doing well enough to solve this and wouldn’t want it to hang above them.”

The band’s spokesman did not respond to requests for comment.

The long-awaited reunion may be underway, as Liam hinted last week.

He said: “We were saying it had to be faster than late.”
They were always able to use holograms, following the lead of ABBA.

Maura’s gaze case

Maura Higgins Lingerie is obviously very comfortable, but Love Islander doesn’t like anything other than snuggling up to watch a movie while having a nice meal when relaxing Strictly Bo Giovanni Per Nice..

The Irish beauty of dating a dancer for three months confirmed that all eyes were on her while she was posing in several steps for a new photo shoot.

Irish Beauty Maura Higgins Posing in Her Latest Ann Summers Lingerie Collection


Irish Beauty Maura Higgins Posing in Her Latest Ann Summers Lingerie CollectionCredit: Ann Summers

She states: “I’m always busy, so it’s very rare to be able to relax, but I love watching movies and cooking.”

Maura, posing in her latest sexy Ann Summers lingerie collection, claims that Giovanni probably doesn’t care, but she wears it to make her feel better about herself.

She states: “I think sexy mood comes from self-confidence. I wear nice lingerie to make me feel better. I dress other women for men and other than myself. I don’t want to make anyone think I need to impress. That’s all in my collection. “

Danny puzzled by the Shaz line

Dannii Minogue is still confused about why Things got so messy with fellow X Factor judges Sharon Osbourne.

She wept after Sharon rushed into the dressing room before the show.

Tears after Sharon rushed into her dressing room before the X Factor show


Tears after Sharon rushed into her dressing room before the X Factor show

Danny said:

“I had to be there because I couldn’t explode like that. I don’t know, it’s still a problem.”

Recalling the 2007 incident at the current core ITV hit show, she told the My Wardrobe Malfunction podcast:

“It was my birthday, we were late. She came in and started yelling at me.

“There are make-up artists and producers witnessing this, and she screams about how I ruined her life.

“10 minutes before the show went live, she went out of control.

“I suddenly shed tears and made up.”

Full time for wife Tanya

Tanya Bardsley After 14 seasons, he quit his real housewife in Cheshire.

She made a tough call last week and agreed to shoot some scenes for the current run to conclude her story.

Tanya Bardsley announces quitting Cheshire's real housewife after 14 seasons


Tanya Bardsley announces quitting Cheshire’s real housewife after 14 seasons

Tanya, who married Burnley soccer star Phil, said last month she had a seizure during a fashion shoot and fell under stress.

One source said: Phil was worried about her.

“It takes a lot of time to shoot a reality show. Tanya has a business and is a mom. She stretched herself too much.”

‘Era at the entrance, Rihanna

Rihanna doesn’t subtly remind one of her biggest hits when snapped to Broly being carried to a party in New York by security guards.

Rihanna snaps carried by a bouncer to a club in New York with an umbrella


Rihanna snaps being carried by security guards to a club in New York with an umbrellaCredit: BackGrid

Umbrella singers and Savage Fenty fashion tycoons blend in with camouflage skirts, trousers and stiletto heels.

Lili made a cameo appearance James Corden An American chat show where he saw the moonlight as an assistant behind the scenes of her fashion show.

Ellie is the green goddess

As a science teacher, Ellie Goulding taught me why I don’t eat meat.

The singer and goddess of green said: It’s a flatulence – methane, what it is. Cows farewell and it goes out into the atmosphere, but it’s also water.

“One cow doesn’t take gallons, but it does, and I’ve heard that more domestic animals eat and milk than natural animals. One of the animals on earth. The percentage is wild. The rest is for us to use. “

Emily is aiming for Joe, an islander

We are certainly great Emily Atack There’s not a shortage of celebrity fans to slip into her DM, but I can mention one really eye-catching handsome chap. .. .. Former love islander Joe Garrett.

Emily Atack looks to former islander Joe Garrett


Emily Atack looks to former islander Joe GarrettCredits: Instagram / Emily Atack

The pair are exchanging frivolous messages after Emily leaves and recently splits from fashion influencer Jude Taylor. Linked to the surf chick LUCIED ONLAN at the ITV2 show, Joe is now exhibiting Emily’s former model Jack Vatcher and her once-rumored squeeze Harry Styles curly rock.

One source said: “Emily works hard, plays hard, and recently enjoys a girl’s trip to Marbella.

“Emily caught Joe’s eye on Instagram, and she’s definitely his type. They’re sending a little message to each other and he wants to take her on a date right away. They are single and seek love. “

What are you waiting for

Alex Call of MIC quits with his girlfriend

Made in Chelsea charmer Alex Miton is no longer overwhelmed by model girlfriend Georgina Howard (left).

Alex Miton of MIC separated from model girlfriend Georgena Howard


Alex Miton of MIC separated from model girlfriend Georgena Howard

The pair broke up after dating for three years, being blocked and living together.

A source close to Alex said, “It was sad to say that Alex and Georgina quit because they experienced so many things together and made so many memories.”

Liam Payne says it’s worth £ 500m, but admits he couldn’t get the post and didn’t know how to get car insurance.

One Direction has finally settled the £ 24.7m tax line around the “Alphabet Scheme”

Source link One Direction has finally settled the £ 24.7m tax line around the “Alphabet Scheme”

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