One-fifth of HR leaders are poorly trained in diversity and inclusiveness

The new report highlights concerns about standardization regarding training policies, with many HR leaders missing or not receiving proper training. Diversity And inclusion.

According to a new survey by AssessFirst, there is a huge gap in DE & I education and training for HR professionals in the workplace.

This prevents one in five HR leaders from receiving proper training or training at all. Diversity And inclusion.

This is despite 97% of respondents saying: Diversity, Fairness and inclusiveness are key priorities for next year.

especially, Diversity Those reported to be of major concern included gender (17%), ethnicity (14%), or equality in all areas (61%).

Conversely, only 4% of companies aimed to focus on disability, and this number was even lower when it came to sexual orientation (2%).

COVID-19 has been shown to have had various impacts on the implementation of DE & I policies. The pandemic said it accelerated progress, and a quarter (27%) claimed that it actually slowed progress. In this area.

David Bernard, founder and CEO of AssessFirst, mentioned the progress made during the pandemic.

Following almost two years of expansion Remote work Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this environment opens the door to greater and better opportunities for both employers and employees, and numerous candidates for jobs that would otherwise have been thought to be unachievable. Can now apply.

But he added that this needs to continue to move forward through standardized policies.

Do not allow the clock to reverse and return to old habits. I sincerely believe that it is imperative that the government implement training rules to support human resource development and recruitment. team Procure, evaluate and manage all candidates. Ultimately, this results in a more efficient, unbiased, and more performant business.

HR is critical to a company’s success. Especially when UK jobs are at their highest level in 20 years. And HR overwhelmingly says that DE & I is a very high priority. Today, most HR leaders are in a good position to drive meaningful change, but only if supported by proper training and law.

* This survey is derived from Assessment First’s 2021 DE & I report, which surveyed more than 200 HR leaders in the United Kingdom.

One-fifth of HR leaders are poorly trained in diversity and inclusiveness

Source link One-fifth of HR leaders are poorly trained in diversity and inclusiveness

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