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He has made a name for himself as one of Britain’s best fish suppliers in Henderson’s, and now Sean Henderson is heading to the other side and opening his own restaurant. He is teaming up with Neil Wager for Off The Hook. Seafood restaurant, Fish & Chips Takeout and Fish Butchery, Introducing the aging and drying process. Henderson has a great interest in sustainability, so does Off The Hook. They will have a perfectly traceable fish, dating back to the fisherman who caught it, how it was caught, and when it arrived in London.

The main restaurant serves dishes such as wasabi, pickles, soybeans, and wild sea bass sashimi with shiso. Ikejime seaweed, trout eggs, and green onions. Dry-aged anglerfish with kimchi and fennel. Wild chanterelles, crown prince squash, cider stock halibut. The sea atmosphere continues with drinks, along with cocktails made from coastal produce. There are Cornish Mobelen Absinthe, Messy Martini made from Pilgrim & Galaxy Hop Gin and Vermouth, Oyster Shot from Maldon Rock, and Cornish Squid Ink Gin. Oyster.

NS Fish & Chips Shop A classic chippy off-the-hook takeaway where you can take out hake and chips, crab chips, lobster rolls, crab macaroni & cheese. If you want to bring more fish to your home, the fish butcher will offer you the best selection of seafood every day.

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Opened on Tuesday, January 4, 2022
27 Gauging Square, London E1W 2AE

Open off-hook | Eat and drink

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