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Over 100 asylum seekers have moved from the Southport Hotel

More than 100 asylum seekers who were staying at hotels in the famous town center are now being relocated.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, up to 150 people have stayed at the Scarisbrick Hotel in Southport while waiting for the outcome of an asylum claim or appeal.

Their stay is funded by the Ministry of Interior and it is legal to seek asylum in other countries.

Southport Conservative Party member Damien Moore, following an email from a member, said he had “expressed concern” with his home office and Serco about the “inappropriate” accommodation.

Their concerns ranged from safety and security to the issue of providing advice on suitability, coronavirus and social distance.

Moore said the Scalis Brick will soon be open to visitors again.

The hotel on Road Street was designated as a temporary accommodation for up to 150 asylum seekers in May last year by an agreement between Serco and the Interior Ministry.

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In February of this year, volunteers housed in the hotel Given what they call an “indistinguishable mash” And “sandwiches with no expiration date”.

Southport Against Rasism also said that asylum seekers “escaped the horrors we couldn’t imagine” before arriving in Southport.

There were complaints that the food given to asylum seekers at the Scarisbrick Hotel was poorly cooked, low in nutrients and not enough to live on.

However, Serco, the government’s contractor for food, claimed to be providing “healthy and balanced food” at the time.

The Home Office repeated this, stating that all diets given were nutritious.

MP Damien Moore said he had “all sympathy” for asylum-seekers, but that they were “impractical” in Scarisbrick.

Moore said: ..

“But it was not realistic to place up to 150 asylum seekers at the Scarisbrick Hotel during the blockade of the country, and there was no realistic time frame for them to be properly contained or integrated into society. ..

“We are pleased that the situation has been resolved and that asylum-seekers have been provided with better accommodation.

“Thanks to the people who contacted me on this issue and wishes good luck to the asylum seekers who stayed at the hotel.”

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Over 100 asylum seekers have moved from the Southport Hotel

Source link Over 100 asylum seekers have moved from the Southport Hotel

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