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Overwork is actually exacerbating your productivity paralysis

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You always feel that you should be doing something, are you not doing enough unless you are overwhelmed?

Its performance anxiety overworkes many of us, which can be a sign of productivity paralysis during our paid working hours.

Most of us will be experiencing it at some point. An ever-growing list of things to do that are biting us. Despite its growth, the more we have to do, the less we can start checking it.

Productivity concerns are growing and are only prevalent in the wake of a pandemic.according to Microsoft research59% of women feel that they are not fully achievable, unachievable, or unachievable, compared to less than 2 in 5 men (37%).

And when you feel you’re not productive enough during your scheduled working hours, many of us spend extra time logging on to make up for it. You end up staying a little longer, shortening your lunch break, or working on the weekends (this may not look like a completely strict shift, but check in your email. , Send, check for updates, write, and perform tasks).

But professional boredom and paralysis are part of our daily routine-we are all experiencing a decline in productivity. So why do we punish ourselves for it?

Overwork is actually exacerbating your productivity paralysis

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