Panasonic’s new 6-blade series 900+ shaver — cut beyond the rest-

Panasonic will start the closest and most comfortable shaving ever. NEW series 900+

Designed to tackle longer, denser designer stubbles and tricky beards resulting from increased telecommuting.With Japanese sword technology and Panasonic’s ultra-high speed linear motor, it cuts up to 80% of hair in one pass and keeps it smooth all day long. And even after 8 hours.


It has been shown to cut long, flat hair four times more tricky in one pass than the current ES-LV975 blade shaver. The Series 900+ has two different configurations. The ES-LS9A also includes a dedicated cleaning and charging station. ES-LS6A containing only the shaver itself. Each contains two finishing blades, two lift blades and two new thick stubble blades coated with titanium. These are especially effective at catching hair around the chin and neck.

Japanese sword steel

The shaver uses the same finest stainless steel used to make Japanese swords. All six blades are made using Panasonic’s advanced Japanese sword technology, known for its strength, sharpness and durability. Each of these blades is nano-sharpened to just 30 degrees, creating an angle that brings the blade closer to the root. The combination of durability and sharpness provides clean, tight, non-irritating shaving that eradicates stubble for up to 8 hours. The new model also features a pop-up trimmer for pre-shave cutting and styling grooming.

Reduces skin irritation.

Each shaver with an advanced ultra-fast linear motor uses magnetic levitation technology. The Series 900+ uses the world’s strongest magnets to perform 84,000 cross-cutting actions per minute. And this ultra-fast speed continues as the battery begins to drain and protects against the types of skin irritation that can occur when the cutting speed slows down with a standard shaver. The flexible head and 22 independent directional floating 6-blade constructions allow for precise shaving, minimize pressure on the skin and keep your work fast and clean. Each stroke covers more ground, reducing the pressure on the skin by 10% in a short amount of time (compared to the current 5-blade ES-LV67 shaver).

Premium beard sensor technology

Recognizing that each beard is different, Panasonic has developed the most responsive beard sensor technology to date. It detects the density and thickness of the whiskers 220 times per second, adjusts the motor output 14 times per second and rotates left and right to track the contours of the face.

Minimal, stylish and practical

Series 900+ is an excellent design. Matte black with metallic accents, ergonomically engraved and easy to use, the multi-LED display allows you to see the battery and operating status at a glance. The ES-LS9A is also equipped with a compact automatic cleaning and charging station that operates at the push of a button.

Both ES-LS9A and ES-LS6A are available from RRP £ 499.


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Panasonic’s new 6-blade series 900+ shaver — cut beyond the rest-

Source link Panasonic’s new 6-blade series 900+ shaver — cut beyond the rest-

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