Pandemics cause problems with dog purchases

The pandemic caused a significant rise in dog prices, in fact, Google searches to buy puppies increased by more than 115% (Dogs Trust, 2020). There are many reasons for this. For example, you may be bored, have time to train your puppy, or just want a company. Unfortunately, this is also seeing an increase in illegally imported puppies. The reason for the illegal import is the huge amount of money obtained from the sale of puppies. As simple as supply and demand, the higher the demand and need of a dog, the higher the cost. A good example of this is the cost of chow chow, which rose from £ 1,119 in March 2020 to £ 2,618 unpaid in October 2020 (Dogs Trust, 2020). Because dogs are sold in rapids (mainly puppies), this rising cost makes buying dogs very difficult and difficult. Sadly, this also increased the proportion of dogs sent to shelters. Many people are unable to take care of dogs, and more than one-third (34%) of dog owners have not even investigated in advance (Dogs Trust, 2020) (that is, dogs are puppies). It may have come from a place or an illegal background). If you’re looking for a dog, it’s hard to find a real breeder, not an illegal seller or scammer, it’s hard to find the right cost for a dog, it’s hard to find the right breed, so it’s right Finding a dog is getting harder and harder for you (from experience it’s almost impossible to find a French bulldog). Here are some tips: Be patient, you may be a scammer or an illegal breeder / seller, so investigate your breeder thoroughly. Sometimes you can’t find the right dog, but over time you will eventually find the right dog for you.

Pandemics cause problems with dog purchases

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