Parents forced to step into education violations | Education

Authorities are surprised that the government will cut, cut, cut, underfund schools, special education needs to be provided, and the number of home education will increase (The UK Council reported on November 24 that selective home education increased by 34%.)? Your headline might be better to read “34% increase in devoted parents to get rid of government failure”.
Claire Qualman
Windsor, Berkshire

I couldn’t see the Prime Minister’s speech (Political sketch, November 22) Without remembering David Brent Motivational speech To a similar audience of stone-faced businessmen in the office.
Andrew Hope

Repatriation of looted Greek sculptures (Boris Johnson wrote on November 23 that the Parthenon marble should not have been removed.) Surely prompts the headline: “Johnson lost his marbles.”
David Fine Tuck
Lewes, East Sussex

John Beck wants suggestions from broadcasters who have the power to explain (Letter, November 24th). Channel 4 News does just that.
Rod Wallington
Upton by Chester, Cheshire

Like many readers (Letter, November 24th), There are some old ingredients in the cupboard, such as canned duck cassoulet purchased in Paris in the 1990s. I’m going to eat before I die. Probably just before.
Liz Fuller

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Parents forced to step into education violations | Education

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