Parents want more personal information from the school – research

Parents want the school to provide more personalized information about their child’s learning. report I made it clear.

Firefly Learning, an online platform for school efforts, found that the top three requests from parents were: More regular communication; and more information about how they can support their children.

Many parents receive up-to-date information about their child’s learning at least monthly, but one-third receive up-to-date information only semi-annually or on a regular basis.

When asked about how schools keep in touch about their children’s learning, only two-fifths reported that they were able to see their children’s homework and assignments online, and a similar number of children about their homework. I answered that I was able to see the feedback I received.

According to research, teachers’ most common way to communicate with parents was to use video conferencing, followed by online parent portals and email. Teachers are much less likely to use traditional means such as letters, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings. Parents reported that their most popular method of communication was email.

Jo Mason, Head of Communications at South Hampstead High School, said: A common communication challenge is to provide timely and relevant information and not overwhelm already busy parents.

“We publish a personalized message every Friday and share updates with personalized reminders for each student and guardian. Engagement with the parent community is from the reception team to teachers and senior leaders, and to the students themselves. It’s a team effort through. It’s important to take a holistic approach. “

According to a survey, parents are overwhelmingly positive about their children’s schools, with 83% saying their children’s schools meet or exceed expectations. In contrast, only 67% of teachers felt that their school met or exceeded their parents’ expectations. In addition, interviews with teachers, school leaders and educators all expressed surprise in the positive parents’ feelings.

Dan Locke-Wheaton, Principal of Aston University Engineering Academy, said:

“The challenge for schools is how to provide this in a short amount of time. For me, technology can play an important role, giving parents and teachers the flexibility to engage with parents at the time and place of their choice. You can give sex. “

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Parents want more personal information from the school – research

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