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Parliamentary Attack FBI Secret Weapons in Manhunt

They are some Federal Bureau of InvestigationIt is the most important asset of the federal authorities, and the federal authorities do not know much of its name. Or how many are there exactly?

A year after an unprecedented investigation of thousands of rioters who attacked the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, the FBI identified the suspect and struck an overwhelming mountain of evidence from that day. We rely on a group of digital agents to connect. This was recorded by the perpetrator himself. Last year, a crowdsourcing effort organized on social media following a parliamentary attack affected hundreds of more than 700 cases filed by federal prosecutors over the past 12 months.

There are many more. Digital investigators have been successful in identifying hundreds of individuals who were captured in a video that committed a crime on January 6, but have not yet been charged. US Capitol Violence Website.

“Sometimes we feel far ahead of them,” one detective told the HuffPost. “And sometimes they arrest someone or release a new security video.

From home offices, sofas, kitchen tables, bedrooms and garages, these independent investigators have played a remarkable role in archiving and storing digital evidence. In many cases, The nickname “Incitement Hunter”, They have archived over 2,000 Facebook accounts, over 1,125 YouTube channels, over 500 Instagram accounts, nearly 1,000 Twitter feeds, over 100 Rumble profiles, and over 250 TikTok accounts. They collected over 4.1 terabytes (4,100 gigabytes) of data. That’s enough to fill dozens of new iPhones with standard-issued storage.

Detectives have a wealth of information that the general public will not learn for months. They know that the two suspects currently posted on the FBI’s website are related to a defendant who has already been charged with misdemeanor in a parliamentary riot. They know that someone else on the FBI list died suddenly a few months ago. They know that another suspect in the January 6 attack was arrested in connection with a long-standing unresolved murder. And they have put together information that is unlikely to land in the FBI case. For example, the fact that there were more than 50 dogs in the mob on January 6th.

The FBI’s parliamentary riot investigation was initially quite chaotic as the agency tried to separate wheat from rice husks in hundreds of thousands of hints from the masses. It can be difficult for an investigator with solid hints to get the bureau’s attention.

However, there have been changes as the investigation progressed. Citizen investigators who previously had to submit hints from the form on the FBI’s website now have a personal relationship with the FBI’s special agent, or at least ensure that the information is in the right hands. I know someone who can. If relevant information about the already charged defendant is found (for example, evidence that the misdemeanor defendant has assaulted a police officer, or that the pretrial release defendant violates the conditions of release), the investigator will be federal prosecutor. I contacted the official directly.

The documents, edited with their utmost care, are so detailed that, in some cases, based solely on open source intelligence, they have placed bulletproof cases against parliamentary riots and issued FBI affidavits. Effectively ghost light. Their crowdsource map of the Capitol and the catchy nickname of the January 6 mob have appeared many times in the Justice Department’s filings. Many investigators are still amazed at the effectiveness they have in the largest FBI investigation in the station’s history.

“I’m an idiot sitting in his garage,” another investigator at the heart of the effort told the HuffPost. “Why is this happening?”

“Hints are important”

The records set by online detectives since January last year are impressive. They have played an important role in identifying many of the most serious cases of parliamentary riot suspects.They are at the heart of the longest ruling imposed in the January 6 investigation so far: Robert Scott Palmer just left himself to the FBI. 12th After he was Specific in the HuffPost story Based on tips from online detectives 5 years in federal prison..Online investigators also helped identification Performer of one of the most serious attacks on January 6: Daniel Rodriguez, Driven a stun gun Former DC Metropolitan police officer Michael Fanone on the neck.

Among the other highlights of the past year:

  • In the aftermath of the FBI Raid a woman’s house in Alaska Those who falsely believed that the bureau entered the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s office on January 6 were able to correctly identify the true suspect and her son by an online detective. In about 30 minutes.. FBI built from the tip arrested The actual suspect a few months later.

  • After hours of video footage from then-President Donald Trump’s “Stop Stealing” rally near the White House shortly before the attack, online detectives have a complete image of the suspect’s face. I was able to find it Nickname is #CatSweat He was wearing a caterpillar sweatshirt when he fought a policeman and helped pull one policeman down the stairs of the US Capitol. A Face recognition Hit image Logan Burnhart Posing on the cover of bodybuilding competitions and romance novels, the detective confirmed his identity by collating the items of clothing he wore on his Instagram page.

  • Investigator hours before the decision Submit evidence Of a misdemeanor defendant who appears to be assaulting a policeman by pushing him down the stairs when he is surrounded by mobs.The prosecutor, who was initially seeking a two-month imprisonment, demanded a postponement of the sentence and proposed a six-month imprisonment (the defendant finally proposed. Three months).

  • Following in the footsteps of the detective, the FBI used Facebook photo posted by suspect’s mom To identify the identity of a pepper spray police officer and a young man accused of breaking the windows of the U.S. Capitol, and he went to basic training in the Air Force (his mother also boasted on Facebook). rice field).

The online detective community has also helped shut down some of the conspiracy theories that emerged as a result of the January 6th attack. A lawyer suspected of rioting in the Capitol tells Tucker Carlson’s Fox News viewers that a man wielding a police shield while wearing a “Keep America Great” hat and red face paint is online. He said he was “apparently a law enforcement officer” and an “agent provocateur.” Detectives have moved to quickly eradicate conspiracy theories.they Revealed the real identity of a man as a super fan of St. Louis Cardinals I call myself a “rally runner”. He has been running around Busch Stadium for years (and praises Trump and Carlson on his Facebook page).

Online detectives are often dissatisfied with the pace of FBI investigations and speculate on why proceedings against suspects identified as violent have not progressed months after being identified by the agency. there is.

But within the FBI and the Department of Justice, it’s undeniable that online investigators have a great deal of influence. In recent months, authorities have made several gestures, both privately and publicly, to explain to online investigators how much their efforts are valued. Attorney General Merrick Garland also mentioned the work of a “national civil detective” at a parliamentary inquiry in October.

“”As we’ve seen in dozens of cases so far, hints are important, “a bureau official said in a statement. “While it may seem that no obvious law enforcement action has been taken against some of the tips submitted, tipsters are working hard behind the scenes with the FBI and following all research leads. I check for tips from the general public and try to bring in these criminals. To justice. “

“Give the fan a contract”

After being kidnapped by a member of the Trump mob on January 6 and suffering a violent assault, Officer Fanone thought it might be the end. That day, law enforcement was overwhelmed, with thousands of crowds flooding the Capitol building and lacking the human resources to control and arrest violent riots.

Fanone was surprised to find out by an anonymous investigator after taking a closer look at the massive footage shot at the Capitol on January 6th and collating it with the information available on the open Web. rice field.A few months ago, Fanone was able to meet Forest RogersCurrently an open source researcher and member of the research group of the Swiss-based newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Deep state dog, First, I posted a video of Danny Rodriguez driving a stun gun into Fanone’s neck. Rogers was looking at the video frame by frame.

Rogers encountered an obstacle trying to contact someone at the Metropolitan Police Department and tried to tell them about the video after being attacked. I’m doing it. “

With advances made by online investigators from behind computer screens, former undercover investigators are wondering if law enforcement agencies need to rethink the type of skill set they require for new employees.

“Why was this large amount of civilian detectives able to edit all this information so quickly?” Fanone asked.

“I grew up going to a Baltimore Orioles game with my dad. Every time someone hit a home run and a fan caught it … they would say,’I’ll sign a deal with that fan.'” Fanone said. “Maybe we need to change what we’re looking for in hiring, because the shit doesn’t know how to do that crap. I’m still unplugging and turning off the computer. . ”

“We’re not going to slide it.”

Detective has Will be logged More than 2,300 individuals who entered the US Capitol on January 6th. Combined with the hundreds of suspects on the FBI Capitol Violence web page, there are nearly 3,000 potential Capitol riot defendants worldwide.

Of the hundreds already identified, many seem to have no idea what will come to them. Living in their right-wing social media cocoons, they seem fortunately unaware that they are in the sight of online detectives and the FBI.

“Donald Trump is soon back in the office, and when we talk, there’s a revival that we couldn’t have imagined,” identified by a detective, but not yet arrested on January 6th. The suspect wrote online in recent months.

The Sedition Hunters community never gives up. As the investigation matures, they can put the FBI’s foot on fire, ensuring that participants in the January 6 riots face justice to attack democracy, a “powerful lobby.” It may begin to transform into something called.

“We know who these people are,” one said. “Do not slide.”

Ryan Riley HuffPost’s senior judicial reporter covering the Department of Justice, federal law enforcement, criminal justice and legal affairs. He is working on a book about the FBI’s unprecedented investigation into the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol. Do you have a hint? Contact him with the Signal at 202-527-9261.

Parliamentary Attack FBI Secret Weapons in Manhunt

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