Partygate: Police have issued 50 fixed penalty notices, says Met |.UK news

During the blockade after a police investigation, more than 50 people were fined at a party in Downing Street. KeirStarmer states that “widespread crime” casts doubt on Boris Johnson’s honesty and integrity.

The Metropolitan Police Department On Tuesday, they said they made 30 more referrals in addition to the previous 20 for fixed penalty notices as part of Operation Hillman’s operation against illegal rallies on Downing Street and Whitehall.

The unit has investigated 12 rallies, including several rallies. Downing Street GardenInside number 10, and one Prime Minister’s own residence At number 11.

However, Johnson is believed not to have been fined yet, and Downing Street has stated that he will announce the fine.

Labor leader Starmer told the BBC: He told Congress that all the rules had been followed in the Downing Street where he lived and worked, and it is now clear that there was a widespread crime.

“I think it would further question the Prime Minister’s honesty and honesty, who stood up and said that nothing that shouldn’t have happened. It’s clear that it was wrong. Yes, it has a very bad effect on the Prime Minister. ”

The Metropolitan Museum of Art last updated two weeks ago, stating: 20 fines were imposed At the first “tranche” of the penalty notification.

Police refuse to say which rally was fined, but of the party and 10th secretary Hannah Young held for Kate Joseph, the former chief of the Covid Task Force. It was revealed that there were two people left for the party. A rally where some party participants were fined.

A third party held by a civil servant on the eve of the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral is also believed to have been fined.

Helen McNamara, a former Cabinet Office ethics officer, is the only person so far named in the media as one of the fines. She apologized for paying the penalty.

In a statement, Met said: “Investigation of allegations of Covid-19 regulation violations in Whitehall and Downing Street is underway. As of Tuesday, April 12, 2022, more than 50 Covid-19 regulation violations have been fixed in the Acro Criminal Records Office. We have introduced a penalty notice. Following the introduction, we will issue an FPN to the individual.

“We are making every effort to expedite this research, including continuing to evaluate the large amount of research material that may be referred to Acro. “

Liberal Democratic Party leader Ed Davy said: He is unreliable and cannot continue to be prime minister.

“Other leaders of other organizations cannot continue after breaking the law on this scale. If Boris Johnson does not resign, Conservative lawmakers must show him the door.”

Partygate: Police have issued 50 fixed penalty notices, says Met |.UK news

Source link Partygate: Police have issued 50 fixed penalty notices, says Met |.UK news

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