Paul Scully ‘still considering’ run for mayor of London


register with London Paul Scully Admits he’s still ‘thinking’ about running for mayor Mayor next year.

Mr Sculley said at the event of the conference on Tuesday that he would “keep London moving”, as did the former prime minister. Liz Truss‘s slogan “Getting Britain Moving”.

of conservative MP’s Sutton Cheam said he had “hadn’t made a decision yet” on whether to run, but then discussed a range of policy areas he would focus on if elected for the role, including crime, housing and public policy. We talked. shipping improvement.

Mr. Scully had In January he said he might allow his name to come forward If he thinks he is the “best fit” to have the potential to defeat Labor Mayor Sadiq Khan next May. During a question and answer session following his speech at the 2023 Spring Conference in central London, he was asked if he was still considering his candidacy.

Congressman Paul Scully

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He told the audience: There are certain things the Mayor does, and frankly, I just want to make sure they get done, no matter who the Mayor of London is.

“First and foremost is to make sure you are safe in the city. This is absolute and fundamental.

“Being able to accommodate not just ourselves, but our children, our grandchildren, people who want to come to this country.

“But we also need to keep London moving. It’s not just about having good public transport in the city center. We need to secure alternative means of transportation, including cars.”

The phrase “Keep London Moving” bears some resemblance to the slogan “Keep Britain Moving” that Liz Truss graced the podium during her speech at the conference as Prime Minister. Ms Truss used it to illustrate her goal of boosting economic growth in the UK, while Ms Scully, who backed Truss for Prime Minister, used it to talk about transport for Londoners. was used in more literal terms.

The minister went on to say that Sadiq Khan’s Expansion plans for the Ultra Low Emission Zone (Ulez) Because it “reduces social mobility”.

The zone requires drivers of older, highly polluted vehicles to pay a fee of £12.50 per day to use their vehicle within its boundaries. Khan plans to expand the zone to cover all of Greater London on August 29, with the goal of improving air quality in the capital.

Sculley continued: So.

“Therefore, we need to invest more in alternatives before taking a punitive approach.”

The Minister added: Because it’s built, it needs change and that’s what drives me to look at this. ”

Scully, who was elected in 2015 after winning the Liberal Democrat seat, has served in the House of Representatives. boris johnson, Liz Truss, and now Rishi Snack. From 2019 to his 2020 he served as Vice-President of the Tories.

MP Paul Scully campaigning with Theresa May

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If he does decide to run, he could be at odds with Conservative London MP Andrew Boff. Nick Rogersthe first confirms the candidacy and the second says it is under consideration. Samuel KasumA former adviser to Boris Johnson, he also said he would run for the office.

Khan, who has been mayor since 2016, has confirmed his intention to run for a third term as the Labor candidate. Paul Scully ‘still considering’ run for mayor of London

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