PayPal Expands Relationship with Google Cloud

PayPal is expanding its partnership with Google Cloud to provide payment giants with both infrastructure and analytics to handle transactional data on a large scale.

With a hybrid cloud strategy, PayPal is migrating much of its core infrastructure and workloads to Google.

One of the main reasons for this change was the surge in digital commerce and user traffic caused by the pandemic, which saw a 24% surge in total PayPal active customer accounts and now totals 392 million. It has become.

According to Google Cloud, PayPal can now add capacity to your infrastructure in just a few hours. Without it, the process would have taken months to complete.

In addition, since most of the online transaction data resides in the SAP S / 4HANA database, PayPal can use SAP’s Financial Products Subledger, which is offered on a large scale in Google Cloud, to process large numbers of transactions quickly. I did. Analyze high-volume purchase trends with low latency.

Wes Hummel, Vice President of Site Reliability and Cloud Engineering at PayPal, said: With the power of the cloud, our team can focus on delivering the best products, features and services to our customers. ”

PayPal Expands Relationship with Google Cloud

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