PC teased from 9 to 5 jobs earns £ 12k

A Margieside police officer, named “Dolly” after country music legend Dolly Parton, was alleged by the Employment Tribunal because he was considered a watch watcher who worked hard “9 to 5”. Won.

PC Stephen Knox was awarded more than £ 12,000 after a successful allegation of damage and harassment of persons with disabilities by former employer Merseyside Police.

Knox’s allegations were initially raised in 2019 and referred to the incident that occurred in 2017. Another allegation of Dolly Parton’s sexual harassment of the jib was rejected because it was submitted too late.

PC Knox’s allegations included a fellow officer whistling a song at the station, printing an A4 size photo of Dolly Parton and displaying it on his desk.

Harassment began after Constable changed his shift pattern to suit his childcare needs, according to his legal submission. He also had to provide routine care for the disabled mother after his father died.

He changed to Liverpool’s Hoyton station, where he was told that his time would be from 9 to 5 o’clock.

He told the court that his sergeant asked, “What’s the difference?” When he was unable to make the two early shifts assigned to him.

PC Knox also said that he was “grilled” about his personal situation and should not be treated differently because of his compassionate responsibility.

The court heard that the clash over the joke between his work rotor and his colleagues had “slumped” his mental health.

Allegations of disability-related harassment arose when PC Knox was on sick leave due to stress, anxiety, and depression. During his home visit, he said he was told by his chief inspector that there would be a “favorable report” that he should continue to receive the full amount during his vacation.

However, after that, PC Knox received a letter requesting him to return to work on September 1, 2017, when his illness memo expired. No favorable report was realized. The consul felt intimidating, hostile, and degrading.

Another allegation focused on email that PC Knox felt inherently threatening, as it suggested that PC Knox would be subject to performance procedures if he did not return to work. The court ruled that this was equivalent to harassment of the disabled, as PC Knox felt “fearing the future of his employment and suffering terribly” by email.

In the victim’s complaint, PC Knox challenged how to handle protected information requests (subject access requests) and claimed that part of the notebook was lost.

Compensation for illegal harassment totaled £ 12,080, but PC Knox’s claims for personal injury, financial loss, loss of compatible employment, and punitive damages were denied.

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PC teased from 9 to 5 jobs earns £ 12k

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