Penny Mordaunt took painkillers to endure the sword-bearing role at the King’s coronation

Penny Mordaunt Today, it’s revealed how painkillers, practice, and toe wiggling helped Ace carry the ceremonial sword. king coronation.

As chairman of the council, she carried the national sword and was responsible for presenting the jeweled sword in tribute to the king – the first time it had been carried and presented by a woman.

Dressed in a custom teal outfit with a cloak and headband embroidered with golden feathers, she held and carried the piece for much of the service and became one of the stars of the coronation. rice field.

For 51 minutes, she wore heels and carried a Sword of State weighing 8 pounds (3.6 kg), the same as a newborn or 6 pints of milk. And minutes after surrendering her first sword, she was handed a slightly lightened Jeweled of Offering sword for the rest of her two-hour ceremony.

speak to BBC “I took a few painkillers to see if I was okay,” she said, adding that “exercise,” “a good breakfast,” and “comfortable shoes” also helped her.

A Tory MP from Portsmouth North said his Royal Navy training in London gave him the knowledge that “twirling your toes” improves blood circulation when standing for long periods of time.

“I haven’t been to the gym in the last six months,” she said, but added, “You want to make sure you have a good nickname.”

Penny Mordaunt stood for 51 minutes with the Sword of State weighing 3.6 kg (8 lbs).She said she took painkillers beforehand and 'twiggled her toes'

Penny Mordaunt stood for 51 minutes with the Sword of State weighing 3.6 kg (8 lbs).She said she took painkillers beforehand and ‘twiggled her toes’

Minutes after presenting the first sword, she was handed the (slightly lighter) Jeweled Sword of Offering, which she kept upright for the rest of the two-hour ceremony.

Council President Penny Mordaunt arrives at Westminster Abbey for her coronation

She asked on Nick Robinson’s BBC Political Thinking podcast about social media claims that her outfit was reminiscent of the Poundland logo.

“Well done to the British public,” she replied.

The leader of the House of Commons and former frontrunner for Conservative leadership, he carried the 17th-century sword of state to the Abbey in procession.

Its silver-plated hilt features lion and unicorn shapes, and its wooden scabbard is covered in red velvet with silver-plated rose, thistle, and iris emblems.

Later in the ceremony, Ms. Mordaunt exchanged her national sword for a tribute, which she handed over to the Archbishop.

The second sword was briefly clipped to the king’s coronation belt, and after the archbishop’s proclamation, the king stepped forward and presented his sword.

It was then placed on the altar and redeemed with “redemption money” by Ms. Mordaunt.

The sword was later drawn and she carried it in its ‘naked’ form (without the scabbard) before the king for the rest of her service.

Writing in The Telegraph, she described the occasion as a “humble day” and said she was “grateful” that people recognized her role in the event.

Penny says she hasn’t been to the gym to prepare for the event

Lord of the Council Penny Mordaunt presented King Charles III with the sword of the nation during the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla at Westminster Abbey in London on Saturday 6 May 2023.

Penny holds the national sword

King Charles III with the Ruler’s Orb, as Penny Mordaunt, Chief Speaker of the Council, holds the Sword of the Nation.

Improved Conservative MP profile after the event

King Charles III wearing St. Edward’s crown, Queen Camilla wearing Queen Mary’s crown and Penny the President of the Council

She added: “It was a day of humility in all respects. The crowned heads and world leaders were but the face of the congregation. I have come to testify that His Majesty the King has served as Prince of Wales longer than anyone in history.

“This is life lived in the public eye. Or you can expand on it: It takes courage, patience and judgment to listen to all opinions.

“I would be grateful if people accepted my role. But my thanks and gratitude are reserved for everyone who participated. You can choose to object. You can choose who is in charge.” But the real perception of Saturday belongs to all of us.

Her performance in a highly visible role in the Proceedings garnered much admiration from across the political spectrum.

She wrote that since Saturday, “I’ve been asked hundreds of times how I feel about the coronation.”

she said: There are a thousand kinds of love and a thousand ways to show it. What we saw on Saturday was a form of love. But we are British, so we prefer the word duty.

she wrote: Some protested. Most people would disagree with such an opinion.

“Most people also defend their right to express themselves. Democracy is like that. It’s not about unity. It’s about dissent.

“Some people think democracy is weak because of this, while others think dictatorships work better. And vice versa. It’s times like these that remind us of our commonalities. And we should value each other and respect the differences and obligations between us. Penny Mordaunt took painkillers to endure the sword-bearing role at the King’s coronation

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