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People going on holidays were urged to check to avoid “disappointment”

Those who want to escape during the winter vacation may be disappointed.

The passport office courier TNT is reported to have been overwhelmed by the post-blockade application. mirror..

Travelers are advised to check the date on their passport and classify their renewals as soon as possible.

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People who need a new passport have already been warned that they will have to wait for the documents to be processed, but they are also said to be late in sending their passports.

It is said that it can take up to 10 weeks for the documents to be updated, but the courier company TNT is flooded with orders, which could further delay the wait.

With a £ 77m, three-year contract for passport delivery, TNT has received many complaints about delays and lack of good customer service as many customers are waiting for a response.

People are reportedly Passport depot Depot to find their documents.

A petition has been created requesting an investigation into the problems people are having with TNT.

“In recent months, thousands of us have experienced significant delays in passport delivery.

“As a result, many had to cancel their travel plans, losing to hundreds and even hundreds. Thousands of pounds. Unlike many other courier companies, TNT does not seem to provide real-time tracking and cannot provide delivery instructions.

“People have experienced many failed delivery attempts, others have been continuously postponed without seeing the end of their delivery date.

“Some people have even lost documents that support passports and applications by TNT.”

You are asked to explain the TNT selection process and the criteria used.

TNT told The Times that the delay was due to a surge in applications. End of blockade..

“We are taking additional steps to provide timely delivery by adding resources to our operations. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

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People going on holidays were urged to check to avoid "disappointment"

Source link People going on holidays were urged to check to avoid "disappointment"

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