Persistent Propaganda (Written by Jaiming Kang of City & Islington College)

Sticker. Often used for decorative purposes, safety warnings, or to add color in gray cities. However, the stickers have been manipulated and used by the Anti-Backs Group, known as White Rose, to spread forged information and disdainful messages about COVID-19 and vaccines.

White Rose is named after the Nazi German resistance group, led by a student in Munich. Hans and Sophie Scholl distributed anti-Nazi leaflets and graffiti campaigns against Hitler. Ironically, the members of White Rose believe they are in the same position as these students.

The first white sticker was reported in Manchester in early 2020. These stickers are distributed in several major cities in the UK, including London, Bedford, Lincoln and Suffolk. Stickers are a perfect fit for bus stops, ramp posts, and traffic lights.

I found these stickers at the Billet Road bus stop in Walthamstow. There are extreme messages and promotions such as:

“Stop being a coward”

“Thanks very much to these gloomy heroes for clearing the mountains of the dead.

Body from the street every night ”


“I would be called an anti-baker rather than a companion to genocide.”

It is ridiculous to compare vaccination incentives that scientifically reduce the risk of serious side effects with “genocide” and downplay the serious and very tragic real genocide.

Other anti-Vax propaganda were found scribbled at the Goswell Road bus stop near Angel Station, and the word “COVID IS ALIE” was erased.

Such false information is extremely harmful and discourages people from keeping themselves and others safe and prolongs the pandemic in the long run. Especially in the new variant Omicron, it is advisable to take precautions such as wearing a mask and vaccination to keep everyone safe and to avoid misinformation about Antibacs. Together, let’s overcome this pandemic safely and quickly by paying compassion and attention not only for ourselves but also for the benefit of our loved ones.

Persistent Propaganda (Written by Jaiming Kang of City & Islington College)

Source link Persistent Propaganda (Written by Jaiming Kang of City & Islington College)

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