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West Sussex garage owner Petition to persuade the government Following the turmoil of last year’s MOT extension, we will discuss the issue of garage support.

Petitions have begun to support the MOT sector

Jonathan Barbara of Parkers MOT in Haywards Heath has published a petition on Congress’s website to “provide an action plan and support only the automobile trade.”

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“The problem of the garage being quiet for months isn’t a short-term problem, it’s been a problem for years,” Barbara told CAT. “The normal cycle was interrupted.”

Barbara pointed out that once the layoff plan is over, the problem of testing becoming an almost seasonal task will become apparent to garage owners across the country.

“The easiest solution was to announce another extension covering the second half of this year, but it’s a bit late now,” Barbara explained, explaining the types of support he’s campaigning for. “So I think the government needs to subsidize MOT fees or provide testers and technicians with some kind of support package, at least as long as work resumes.”

Official government response requires 10,000 signatures, and parliamentary debate requires 100,000 signatures.

You can see Barbara’s petition here

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Petition issued to support MOT sector – CAT Magazine

Source link Petition issued to support MOT sector – CAT Magazine

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