PHE data show that the vaccine reduces severe COVID-19 in the elderly

UK Public Health Services (PHE) Submitted a preprint of the actual study. Data is, Pfizer And Oxford / AstraZeneca Vaccines are very effective in reducing COVID-19 infection in the elderly over 70 years of age.

Since January, protection against symptomatological COVID four weeks after the first dose ranged from 57-61% with a single dose of Pfizer and 60-73% with the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine.

Preprint article:

  • Compare the vaccination coverage of symptomatological people over 70 years old tested positive for COVID-19 with those tested negative
  • Compare hospitalization rates for confirmed COVID-19 cases aged 80 years and older who were vaccinated at least 14 days before test positive compared to unvaccinated cases
  • We will compare the mortality rate of confirmed COVID-19 cases over 80 years old, 14 days or more after receiving Pfizer vaccine, with those without vaccination.

Data from the 1980s and above show that a single dose of either vaccine is more than 80% effective in preventing hospitalization about 3-4 weeks after the jab. Evidence from the Pfizer vaccine also suggests a 83% reduction in COVID-19 mortality.

The data also show that symptomatological infections in their 70s and older have decreased from about 3 weeks after a single dose of both vaccines.

New analysis adds evidence that vaccines are working and are very effective in protecting people from severe illness, hospitalization and death.

Dr. Mary Ramsey, PHE The person responsible for vaccination said: “This is increasing evidence that vaccines are working to reduce infections and save lives. There is still plenty of data to follow, but this is encouraging and vaccines make a real difference. We are more and more confident that we are.

“It’s not completely protected and we still don’t know how much these vaccines reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19 to others. Even if they are vaccinated, they continue to act as if they were infected with the virus. It is very important to practice hand hygiene and stay at home. “

Starting this week, the NHS has begun offering a second vaccination to those who were first vaccinated. This provides higher and longer lasting protection.

Another study For healthcare professionals, a single dose of the vaccine has been shown to prevent asymptomatic COVID-19 infection by at least 70%. This helps reduce the spread of infection in hospitals and long-term care facilities and ultimately provides more protection for these vulnerable people.

PHE data show that the vaccine reduces severe COVID-19 in the elderly

Source link PHE data show that the vaccine reduces severe COVID-19 in the elderly

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