Phillip Schofield makes a barbaric ITV Dancing on Ice proposal to Boris Johnson

Phillip Schofield is aiming for the prime minister with a bargain based on the barbaric Dancing on Ice.

TV stars suggest that Boris Johnson could be the perfect candidate for the 2023 ITV skating competition.

Phil commented when he joined the show’s jury with Holly Willoughby, co-host of Dancing On Ice, and participated in a series of interviews prior to the return of the program this weekend.

The This Morning duo begins the show on Sunday night (January 16th) with 12 new celebrities riding the ice and returning to the screen one extra day a week.

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Asked about his ideals Dancing on ice Contestant, Phil said mirror And other media outlets: “Maybe Boris because I think you’ll probably need to look for another career option or someone looking for a variety of things they can do to fill the extra time.”

Christopher Dean responded with a joke. “He has time,” Holly added. “We have a great office party.”

Phil then showed everyone a plate of his food and drink as he added: “Look at this, and moreover, we all got a little cheese.”

Holly and Phil are back on the Dancing on Ice

There is increasing pressure for the Prime Minister to resign after admitting to attending your own liquor event in Downing Street during the 2020 blockade.

It was reported that on April 16, 2021, advisors and civil servants gathered after work for two separate events because the country was in mourning after Prince Philip’s death since he appeared at the House of Commons on Wednesday. I am.

April 16 was also the eve of Edinburgh’s funeral, and attendance was limited. The Queen was sitting alone in the St. George’s Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Boris Johnson

The event commemorated the departure of James Slack, the prime minister’s former communications director and one of the prime minister’s personal photographers, Telegraph reported.

No one has apologized to Buckingham Palace for the two parties held “in memory of the people” after Prince Phillip’s death.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister said Downing Street was informed and said he was sorry for the palace.

New allegations of rule violations in Downing Street will be covered by Sugley’s investigation.

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Phillip Schofield makes a barbaric ITV Dancing on Ice proposal to Boris Johnson

Source link Phillip Schofield makes a barbaric ITV Dancing on Ice proposal to Boris Johnson

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