Photo: 36-year-old mother of two shot dead while being held hostage in her home

The mother of two, who was shot dead when she was held hostage in her home, is hailed by her friends as a “bubbly” woman who “had so much love and life to give”.

Hailey Burke, 36, died in hospital Monday night after being shot two days ago by police during a standoff with a man in Dartford, Kent.

Armed police and trained negotiators rushed to the terraced houses on Priory Road at 12:40 pm on Saturday after receiving reports of the disturbance.

Ms. Burke, who has two sons, whose friends say “it was her life,” was taken to the hospital. London Suffering from being hit by a handgun. A 29-year-old man was also taken to hospital with gunshot wounds and remains in critical condition, police said.

The incident occurred as millions of television viewers watched the coronation of Charles III at Westminster Abbey, 16 miles away.

Hailey Burke died in hospital Monday night after being shot Saturday afternoon

Hailey Burke died in hospital Monday night after being shot Saturday afternoon

Burke was shot and taken to a London hospital

One of Burke’s friends said Kentribe: Hailey was the loudest friend in the group and always made everyone laugh.

“Hailey loved her children with all her heart. Everything she did was for them. They were her life.”

“Haley said she would do anything for anyone, but was not afraid if you took the mic. She was very honest, which was one of her best character traits.”

“If you want an honest opinion, always ask Haley. Her space in our lives will never be filled. She didn’t deserve this. She deserves so much love and life.” there was.

A couple who knew Burke described her as a “lovely lady.” “She worked at my child’s school many years ago,” said her father, 46, who did not want to give her name.

Ms Burke, from Dartford, Kent, had two sons that friends say were ‘her life’

One of Burke’s friends paid tribute, saying she was “the loudest friend in the group.”

“I’ve known her for years. is going downhill.

The mother, who said her children were outside when the incident happened, said: “My 14-year-old son recognized her and said, ‘She really helped me.’ Helpful, never been rude.

Another neighbor, who requested anonymity, said he had just returned from a coronation in the capital and found the road blocked.

He told KentLive: “I couldn’t get off that edge. I was worried.”

“I was worried because I hadn’t heard what was going on. I heard rumors from my neighbors. I just heard someone died.

A couple who say they’ve known Ms. Burke for “years” described her as a “lovely lady.”

Police officers at the Priory Road scene in Dartford, Kent, Saturday afternoon.

He said it’s usually a quiet road, adding, “There was a shooting on your road, and it’s embarrassing to tell people. They think you live in a rough land, but No, it’s a good way.”

When asked if he still felt safe in the area, he replied, “Yes. The next day, the police came and knocked on the door, trying to reassure everyone.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “An investigation into a firearms incident on a Dartford property is now being treated as a homicide after the victim died in hospital.

“Cops and trained police negotiators were present and attempted to engage the men in the address.

Firearms officers were also present, and while they were at the scene, a 36-year-old woman suffered injuries believed to have been caused by a handgun and she was taken to a hospital in London.

Dartfort police on Saturday after the mother of two was taken to hospital

“The victim died of his injuries shortly before the evening of May 8. A 29-year-old man was also taken to hospital with a firearm injury and he remains in critical condition.

“He is being treated as a suspect and is being investigated by the Kent and Essex Serious Crimes Department.”

Witnesses described how police blocked the road and ordered people to stay inside their homes before they broke down the front door.

After an hour-long standoff, there was “pandemonium” and neighbors heard what they described as sounding like two gunshots.

One woman, who did not wish to be named, described the scene as “horrifying.”

Armed police and trained negotiators rushed to Dartford Terrace House

A woman was shot during a police confrontation in Dartford and died in hospital.

Kent Police forced a referral to the Independent Office for Police Action (IOPC) because police were present at the time of the injury.

No police weapons were released.

An IOPC spokesperson said: “We were notified by Kent Police on Saturday of a firearms incident in Dartford in which a woman and a man were seriously injured.

“Sadly, we have been informed that the woman involved has died.

“Today we received a mandatory referral letter from Kent Police regarding this incident, which we are evaluating to determine if further action is necessary.” Photo: 36-year-old mother of two shot dead while being held hostage in her home

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