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Photos of thousands of climate activists who became creative to protest COP26

Above: Protesters marching together for action against climate change on Friday, November 5th in Glasgow, where COP26 is being held.

Climate change activists marched in Glasgow on Friday calling for more extreme action to tackle global warming – Before it’s too late.

Protesters were marching in a Scottish city. That’s because it’s the United Nations Climate Summit. COP26, Is being held.

Representatives from 110 countries gathered for the final bid to reduce climate change.

Some world leaders have already taken serious steps to reduce fossil fuels and CO2 emissions, but have not yet made sufficient commitments to reduce global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The meeting was held a few weeks later Miserable UN report This proclaimed the “code red” of mankind, stating that we are only a few years away from the irreversible climate change that transcends our perceptions and changes our lives.

To date, COP26’s success has included transactions to reduce coal and deforestation, but many, including the famous ones. Activist Greta Thunberg, World leaders believe that the crisis has not yet been taken seriously enough.

She was one of the key speakers during Friday’s protests when thousands marched from Kelvingrove Park to George Square.

Toonberg told the crowd that the entire summit was a “failure” and a “PR exercise” full of “somehow somehow”.

She argued that “commitment is full of loopholes”, “ignoring historic emissions and climate justice,” and that people in the most affected areas “have never heard of it.” ..

The strike was organized by Fridays for Future Scotland. This is an international youth-led movement that began with a school strike on Friday, and Thunberg became famous in 2018.

Check out some of the most powerful images from the protests below.

Jeff J Mitchell via Getty Images

Climate change activist Greta Thunberg will speak on stage at George Square after joining the demonstrator at the Fridays For Future COP26.

Protesters have a placard that says “There is no second planet” during the demonstration.

An actor in a mask depicting Prime Minister Boris Johnson eats at a banquet of deteriorating environment and climate.

The demonstrator has a sign that says, “You don’t care, but I care!”

More activists have a sign that says, “World leaders, don’t let us down.” “Eat rich, Save the earth. “

Activists in favor of protecting indigenous communities from climate change.

A dog holding a sign in his mouth that advertises “climate change on the feet 4 good”.

Protesters with signs saying “The wrong Amazon is on fire” and “I want a hot BF, not a hot planet.”

A police car watching Glasgow’s protesters is wielding a placard that says “less meat and less heat.”

A large crowd marching through Glasgow among police officers who have shown signs of ending a “climate crime.”

Greta Thunberg (center) and Friday’s future Scottish demonstrators march in Glasgow.

The kid has a placard calling out “there are no more plastic toys” at the future march on Friday.



Another sign says, “Destroy the patriarchy, not the planet.”

Photos of thousands of climate activists who became creative to protest COP26

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