Places in the UK that have taken part in our history

If it’s one thing the UK is known for, it is history. People travel from across the globe to see our castles, Roman forts and archaeological treasures. The UK has been the setting for many historical events, and some of the repercussions of those events can still be seen today.

The UK is the perfect holiday destination for history buffs. You could take an escorted tour around the UK to learn about our history and culture.

Here are a few historical places you should visit in the UK.

Chester’s Roman Ruins

Chester is home to the most complete Roman cavalry fort in the UK. They have a fantastic collection of Roman artefacts – from objects to inscriptions. You can admire the historical artefacts in the Clayton Museum, which reopened in 2016. The underground storehouse and bathhouse ruins are just next door to the museum.

Liverpool’s Maritime Museum

The UK’s history goes far beyond our small island. Visit Liverpool’s Maritime Museum to learn all about our nautical history. You can explore the world-famous port and admire ship wrecked objects, models, paintings and boats inside the museum. Liverpool played a key role in the development of the new world. Learn about the Battle of the Atlantic in World War Two and enjoy plenty of activities with your children. The Maritime Museum is an excellent day out for the entire family.


Stonehenge remains somewhat of a mystery for many historians. The ancient stone circle has sat in the same place for over 5,000 years. It’s thought to be a burial site for royalty and ceremonial location. Some people believe Merlin erected Stone Henge, while others say it’s the work of Celtic high priests. All in all, it’s a circle of very large stones that receive over one million visitors per year. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Tower of London

The Tower of London is home to the Crown Jewels, legendary ravens and Yeoman Warders. The fortress sits in Central London, surrounded by modern-day structures. Countless famous historical events have happened in the Tower of London over the centuries.  King Henry VI’s second wife was executed there, and King Henry VI himself was murdered there during the Wars of the Roses. You can admire Traitor’s Gate, the Bloody Tower and the Crown Jewels within one day. The Tower of London is an absolute must for any budding historians.

Hadrian’s Wall

The Roman Emperor Hadrian built a wall stretching over 80 miles from the east to the west coast of Britain. It’s now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and some of the wall remains. You can walk along Hadrian’s Wall and admire the stonework.

It’s time to learn more about your country’s history and heritage.

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