Please buy before you buy: Second hand goods on February 26th

When it arrived in 2013, it was the hottest of the hot hatches, and the Mercedes A-Class AMG still has fire as a use case.

The hottest example of this hot hatch (at least) when it was renewed in 2013 Audi RS3 Landing in 2015) cost around £ 42,000, but today, after 7 years and 95,000 miles, it could arrive on the driveway for £ 15,990. It’s advertised by individual sellers and has a trading value of around £ 11,650, so what you have to do is certainly a bit awkward.

No doubt the seller points out that the car is full Mercedes-Benz Service history. It deserves a big scale, but check the invoice to make sure all majors and minors are complete, the air conditioner is regasified, and the brake fluid and coolant have changed.The seller is also in the car AMG From sports exhaust, the history of the two owners, and photos, it’s intact. The mileage is obviously also primarily the highway. That’s all the reason sellers dig into the heels, but in reality, the A45 quickly cracks 100,000 miles, and no one knows what it brings to the car’s appeal, even if it’s so exotic. I know.

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In addition, the A45 timber shed has some gremlins that need attention, such as the weak turbos of these early cars and the sometimes annoying DCT gearbox (some of which were repaired during the warranty period). The disc and pad are also heavy models. The test drive reveals everything, but the fact that the seller has sourced the car at some stage with smoke lenses, carbon fiber rear diffusers and a sportier grille has turbos, boxes and brakes sometimes see some hard work. I suggest that. I want to check if the body extra fits perfectly. On the contrary, the interior looks great.

Seat Leon 2.0 TSI Cupra R265, £ 9989: Time is kind to CupraR and criticism of it Golf GTI Or as sharp as Mégane Give way to praise its performance and decent value. This private sale 2010 car has a history of full seat service with 65,000 miles.

Volkswagen Golf R, £ 11,995: 4 years younger, only £ 2000 higher Sheet… Maybe we were a little too kind Cupra, But then this Golf R did 120,000 miles.Golf, on the other hand, can easily shrug miles, which is perfect VW Service history.

BMW M135i, £ 11,995: How about this 2013-reg M135i, 81,000 miles away from the dealer for the same money as the Golf R? It has a complete BMW service history and a mere front keeper, plus plenty of rear-wheel drive thrills, a delicious 3.0 straight 6 and a rare manual gearbox.

Renault Megane RS265 Cup, £ 12,495: Decision, decision … This 2013 registered Megane is very attractive. This is a rare cup version with stiffer springs and dampers, and a mechanical limited slip differential. Whisper, this example remapped using the Milltek exhaust to 285bhp.

Most of what I bought this week

Volvo 240DL Estate: Just two years after his 40th birthday, the watch travels about 200,000 miles, but for £ 3,990, this classic two-owner Obrof Wagon has all the signs that have been cherished throughout his life. is showing. For example, the service book has 39 stamps and the seats are covered. Where do you want to sign?

Auction watch

Volkswagen Scirocco 1.6GT: It’s amazing to think that the Sirocco Mk1 launched in 1976 beat the Golf GTI to the showroom in a few months. However, we chose the example long after it was registered in 1986, when the Golf GTIMk2 was introduced. According to the auction’s claim, this Mk2 sirocco needed only minor modifications, the book had three owners, and the watch was 92,000 miles when placed under a hammer. I earned £ 2600 with Car & Classic. This is an impressive online auction in the way all lots are thoroughly photographed and described. The bid started with a ridicule of £ 100, but fortunately for the seller, someone knew its true value.

Future classic

Bentley Continental 6.0GT Super Sport, £ 40,970: The Bentley Continental GT must be a shoe-in for future classic status. However, there are so many to choose from that only the rarest and best can set a mark-worthy price. That’s why we’ve shunned your “standard” Conti for something more special, the 2009-11 W12 Supersport. It’s 13% stronger than the standard car (621bhp compared to 552bhp, the fastest Bentley in the company’s history at the time), and because it doesn’t have a rear seat, it’s also lighter. Our discovery is an example of a 44,000 mile registration in 2009.

Job ads clash

easy explanation: Can you find a wacky sports car for £ 20,000?

Tiger Era Hss, £ 17,995

Nova Mk1, £ 11,995

Max Adams: You want a wacky sports car: I give you something that is illegal to use on public roads. This Lotus 49-aping Tiger Era Hss is a very entertaining single-seat racer, with real livery actually looking part of it.

Felix Page: Strange, i don’t remember Jim Clark F1 Racer It is equipped with a 1.8-liter Fiesta engine. My choice is so quirky that Dastardly and Muttley are a little confused. In addition, a regular Beetle-derived motor has been replaced with a twin carburetor Caterham unit.

MA: Sure, you look like what Stanley Kubrick displays on the big screen, but the foundation doesn’t have my motorsport pedigree.Don’t forget that the original 49 had FordDerived engine too. This replica just doesn’t require a pit crew to maintain it.

FP: Due to the wonder of IVA certification, my Nova doesn’t even need a pit lane, but it gets a lot of crowds every time I stop fueling. And check out my Knight Rider style digital dash!

MA: Good road! Note that the fingers are cut open with all those rough edges.

FP: I admit that the interior (where is it?) Can be touched up, which is why it’s so cheap.

verdict: Take Nova and be careful not to roll it on the fiberglass roof.

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Please buy before you buy: Second hand goods on February 26th

Source link Please buy before you buy: Second hand goods on February 26th

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