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Plus-sized Megan Kim blames beauty ideals on Instagram post

During pregnancy Plus size influencer Megan Kim beauty Ideal for larger women after being told to “cover”.

The beauty of a 25-year-old brunette who is pregnant with her first child for 16 weeks posts regularly Body positivity Content to her 22,000 Instagram Follower.

Megan often denounces the idea that women should look like a particular way of being petite with flat and big breasts.

A size 16/18 influencer is well-equipped with these criteria and regularly flaunts her gorgeous curves in an array of lingerie and beachwear.

And her latest post is no exception.

Megan wore a red and pink lace dress. She said, “A woman can wear her favorite f *** no matter what body she has.”

Megan went against the beauty ideals given to women

Mom smiled at the camera as the sexy suit exposed her thighs and emphasized her breasts.

Next, she included a lot of “negative” citations like this: It looks naughty. It’s not a flattery. “

Contrary to average comments, Megan shared a long caption when rocking the clothes of Rihanna’s lingerie brand Savage X Fenty.

She states:

“Large people shouldn’t wear the same clothes as thin people, so the size of the clothes stops at 12/14.

Woman in red lingerie with text on screen
She looks gorgeous!

“When a woman is unfairly sent home from school or sent to work in a dressed manner.

“When I was told not to wear anything because it was not a” flattery “. “

Megan blamed. “Basically, p * ss off. Leave us alone. It’s your problem, not ours.

“I hid myself and gave af *** about the ridiculous rules about women’s clothing. Don’t worry about Mate x.”

Inspired by the plus-size baby post, many escaped to the comments, praising Megan for wearing his favorite clothes and keeping others out of the blue.

One commented: You tell them! Another user added:

While a third party praised, “You look very nice.” Someone else wrote: “It’s an attitude !!”

Meanwhile, the fifth fan said: I love this set! I love you! !! “

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Plus-sized Megan Kim blames beauty ideals on Instagram post

Source link Plus-sized Megan Kim blames beauty ideals on Instagram post

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