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PM is too busy to fix the NHS Rule violation, Starmer says in a fresh “wine time” claim

In a speech at a Fabian Society meeting, Sir Kia Starmer says the Prime Minister is guilty of “deception and deception” and “unable to lead.”

In a major speech, Labor leaders will argue that Boris Johnson is “engaged in defending his rule violations” to address the major challenges facing the National Health Service.

Sir Kiel has launched his “personal crusade” for the NHS reform and accuses the conservative government of returning to David Cameron to put medical services in a “crisis situation.” According to party officials, he will also explain his vision of a “contract for better health” under the Labor government.

The Labor government will ensure “a little less system and more patients”. Health care provision focuses on prevention to better reflect the UK’s “old society”.

Labor leaders add:

“Rather than focusing on overcoming a pandemic and creating a waiting list, this proud Tories is fighting for a leader they should have known from the beginning,” he is expected to say.

The speech a week in the face of a call to resign after admitting Johnson had attended a “bring your own drink” event in Garden 10 during the first coronavirus blockade in May 2020. It will be done later. The rally was a “work event”. It was revealed that two parties were held in Downing Street on the eve of Prince Phillip’s funeral.

Sir Kiel called on the Prime Minister to resign, claiming that: “Today, the prime minister has more than just an apology to offer to the palace. Boris Johnson should do something decent and resign.”

Prior to the new allegations on Friday evening, it was alleged that 12 illegal parties were held across the government between May and December 2020.

However, with the final twist of the “Party Gate”, a fresh report came out about the weekly drinking sessions held in Downing Street throughout the COVID pandemic. No. 10 is said to have hosted “Winetime Friday,” an event scheduled every Friday between 4 pm and 7 pm on the electronic calendar of about 50 staff at 10 Downing Street. .. The rally could have lasted until midnight, and the Prime Minister advised staff to “escape the steam.”

First reported Daily mirrorWeekly drinks are understood to be a long-standing tradition in Downing Street, and through COVID restrictions. The newspaper also published a photo that looks like a £ 142 drink fridge entering Downing Street on December 11, 2020. London was then under “Tier 2” restrictions, allowing up to six people to mix outdoors. ..

One source mirror: “Boris stopped by for a chat with a drink … he knew it and encouraged it.”

No. 10 does not deny this allegation, pointing out an ongoing investigation into multiple allegations of COVID violations in Downing Street by senior civil servant Sue Gray. Ms. Gray is not expected to publish her findings until next week at the earliest.

In the latest YouGov poll, the Labor Party outperformed the Conservative Party by 11 points, setting the record for the longest since 2013. Labor voters were 40% popular on Friday, while Tories fell to just 29%.

PM is too busy to fix the NHS Rule violation, Starmer says in a fresh “wine time” claim

Source link PM is too busy to fix the NHS Rule violation, Starmer says in a fresh “wine time” claim

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