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Police Bill: A Step To Authoritarianism

Last Monday night, on July 5, when the government freed us from face masks and preached freedom in the name of working from home, a majority of parliamentarians were up to date with police, crime, judgment and court. Voted to rush the bill (police bill) in the process of parliament. According to the pattern set by the Coronavirus Act, this huge bundle of proposed legislation touches on a wide range of policy areas, but its most eye-catching proposal is the most dangerous and authoritarian submitted to Congress in a few years. It’s part of the authoritarian one.

Following a long-term pattern of threats protesting rights, freedom has long suspected that it was the government’s intention to further suppress them, and Got evidence that this will be legislated for this year.. But when the bill was finally announced in March, the overall scale of the threat to our rights was staggering.

Over 300 pages, this page combines many of the more dangerous government proposals Liberty has fought in recent years, from attacks on protests to criminalization of gypsies and travelers to strengthening discriminatory police tactics.

Bill will be created New stop and search capabilities It will allow the search for previously convicted people associated with knife crimes, without reason for suspicion. This ignores the main principle of the judicial system that previous convictions should not influence decision-making, and is used in a particularly high level of discrimination against people of color “unquestionable” suspension and search power. Will enhance the use of.

Also, “Duty of preventive style” It aims to reduce knife crime, which leads to more racial profiling and reports to long-term care workers, medical and education professionals about the people and care they are obliged to keep confidential. Will force you.

These are not the principles of a “public health approach” to crime that we are told to expect, but recipes of national harassment, a network of surveillance of communities already suffering from police discrimination. increasing. They will eventually pour more young people into the criminal justice system.

The bill criminalizes trespassing and threatens the right to roam in the following ways: It can criminalize the way of life in the gypsy and traveler communities. It creates new criminal offenses of trespassing based solely on “reasonable suspicions” that someone is causing or will cause damage, obstruction, or confusion. Not only can crimes be committed when these vague criteria are met, but they can also be committed if serious confusion, damage, or distress is “probable”. In addition to this, the bill will create new vehicle seizure power, including cars and caravans. For the gypsy and traveler communities, this is the seizure of their homes and property.

The bill is also dramatic Limit your right to protest, Confront power and threaten our ability to protect our rights. It gives police a wide range of discretion to limit protests under certain conditions, such as location, “jamming” and even potential noise. This is at the heart of the basic right to protest and ridicules the customary disdain for the government’s accountability.

When introduced in March, Parliamentarians were given only six days to consider this, along with drastic proposals across various other policy areas, before voting in the first stage.

Soon, the bill sparked protests led by the Sisters Uncut and Kill the Bill movements, slowing the bill’s progress. 245 or more Organization Called The bill has basic rights and over 700 “attacks” The scholar said The bill must be withdrawn. Three UN special rapporteurs and Europe’s highest human rights officials called on the government and lawmakers to change course.Polls revealed that Almost two-thirds Many people are concerned about cracking down on the protest.Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rightsid The proposal is “repressive and wrong.”

Even the original group Police officer said the bill It will make life difficult for frontline officers and undermine democracy.On the other hand, the major police agencies Aloud and distanced They publicly claimed that they did not seek a proposal because of the crackdown on Bill’s protest.

Last Monday, along with 38 Degrees,, Friends of the Earth, Global Justice Now, Greenpeace, SumOfUs and Tipping Point, Liberty filed a petition against a bill signed by more than 500,000 people. Later that day, Parliamentarians were given only a few hours to discuss and vote on the 300-page proposal.

Many lawmakers submitted and voted for amendments to remove the worst excess of the bill, which was voted untouched. Those who supported the bill knew that the bill contained proposals that would reduce the freedom of all of us and put some of Britain’s most marginalized communities at greater risk. Did. This time I will go to the House of Lords. Due to the growing public opposition that has become apparent in recent months, we may face more scrutiny and resistance.

The government’s determination to rush the bill to parliament is a double insult to the public, ignoring the rights of the people and preventing parliamentarians from fulfilling their democratic obligation to scrutinize legislation.

To be able to speak out against injustice, we must fight, in order to live freely as we choose, without fear of oppressive state oversight and discrimination. These are the rights that powers have in their sights on this bill, as we are undoubtedly.

Police Bill: A Step To Authoritarianism

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