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Police Chief: Stolen cars are not ‘trivial’… Lack of concern for theft gives criminals freedom to help themselves

Former Home Secretary Michael Howard had his car stolen in central London.

During his time in office, he was known for his tough stance against the government. crime (“Prisons Work”) But ironically, it has now become just a statistic in the growing number of things that seem to be regarded by the people. police as “petty theft.”


Memo to Chief Constables: Stolen cars are not “boring” to us.Credit: Getty
Former Home Secretary Michael Howard had his car stolen in London


Former Home Secretary Michael Howard had his car stolen in LondonCredit: Getty

Memo to local chief constables: For us, it’s not “boring.” But I digress.

neighborhood app Now it’s full of desperate people trying to track them down. stolen car We found that the police had little or no interest in helping them.

As a result, Britain’s streets are now treated as snack shops, with organized order theft. gang They are the ones who help themselves that any expensive car may bring them the greatest benefit with impunity.

Although I am fully aware that the chances of them getting caught are virtually non-existent.

No wonder car thefts across the country soared by 40 per cent in the first half of this year alone, with the West Midlands leading the way, followed closely by London.

A man chatting at a venue charity work What happened the other night taught me something about him. range rover The sport was stolen from outside the home, and three months later, a replacement was also stolen.

Naturally, his insurance The company is now refusing insurance policies for the same model.

Now, you may be reading this and thinking, “He’s right to buy such a fancy car for himself.”

But I’m sure people can use their hard-earned money. money As they see fit? And if a man’s house is considered his castle (that is, he has the right to protect it), why not his car too?

We should judge the criminals, not the victims of theft.

But in the meantime, we must adapt our behavior to protect ourselves in a lawless Britain.

As a result, sales of trackers and steering locks continue to rise, and keyless car owners increasingly store their fobs in signal-blocking pouches.

Others, like me, aging mini, choosing a car with a lower value in the hopes that it will be less attractive to thieves. Now, let’s get back to Mr. Howard. . .

“I was a 7-year-old child. Toyota “It’s a Prius, so I don’t understand why someone would steal it,” Howard said.

It was all puzzling until his wife Sandra revealed that the car was loaded with “clothes, a handbag, a laptop, work files” and “two freezer bags full of food for a long weekend.” .

A 2-bit opportunist was waiting for his moment.

Sigh. Even if it was all in the trunk, some opportunist could see it go in there, wait for that moment, and slip through unopposed. He would have driven away and then abandoned the car on a side street somewhere.

That’s right, in an ideal world we should all be able to put our laptops in the front seat with the doors unlocked and realize the laptop is still there when we come back. . . . Yada yada yada.

But on the other hand law With enforcement indifferent to “petty theft,” thieves are free to steal whatever they want, but annoyingly, we adapt accordingly and never leave valuables in our cars. You have to make sure that you don’t leave any behind.

Additionally, if you’re frustrated by the number of opportunists breaking into your car, you might want to try this tactic of a friend who leaves her car unlocked at night to avoid having her windows smashed. .

And every few weeks he leaves a sealed package on the front seat for them to steal.

Lots of dog poop.

Game safety is key

Transgender soccer player Francesca Needham considers legal action against discrimination


Transgender soccer player Francesca Needham considers legal action against discriminationCredit: Facebook/Rossington Main Ladies FC Supporter

transgender Soccer player Francesca Needham is considering legal action for discrimination after the opposing team refused to play her.

Francesca playing for Rossington Main Ladies, nearby doncasterShe said she believed a boycott “represents a violation of our code of conduct on diversity and inclusion.” . . ”

But those who are refusing to fight her say the problem lies with her fitness.

The opposing team’s coach explains: People refused to play because they were worried about their safety.

“When you play against a biological human being, psychologically it’s a huge thing and it’s very scary, so my players were withdrawing from the challenge. They were scared.”

One player said she suffered a serious knee injury after blocking Francesca’s shot, but she admitted she had no “intention to cause injury.”

They added that this is not a “transgender issue” but rather a welfare issue.

In other words, they would happily invite Francesca to a girls-only cocktail night.

But when it comes to high-contact sports, why should he risk physical injury to avoid hurting her feelings?

Let’s make a dignified exit. . .

phil collinsex-wife Orianne Seavey £3.2 million of personal belongings are being auctioned off as part of a ‘retrenchment’.

The sale also includes Phil’s baby grand piano, which is expected to sell for £100,000.

Considering that the amount she received from them was around £42 million. divorcelet’s hope she offered it to him for free first, or at least to one of his children.

Oz is very cheerful to Holly, but disgusting to Josie

Josie Gibson gets caught up in a tough challenge


Josie Gibson gets caught up in a tough challengeCredit: Rex
This Morning host says Holly Willoughby convinced him to go to the jungle


This Morning host says Holly Willoughby convinced him to go to the jungleCredit: Rex

this morning presenter josie gibson ex-colleague says holly willoughby persuaded her to come inside i am a celebrity in the jungle Australia Because “it’s so beautiful there.”

Josie added: “She said she got a little emotional when she got there because it was so amazing.”

Except that Holly mainly had a narrow view of the country’s splendor. luxuryShe co-hosted a beachfront condo in the swanky Palazzo Versace hotel for £1,800 a night. ant mcpartlin In 2018.

And don’t lie face down in a bucket of innards rotting in 40 degree desert heat.

Holly said to Josie, ``It's so beautiful up there.''


Holly said to Josie, “It’s so beautiful up there.”Credit: Rex

New research suggests that in the spirit of the old adage, “Happy wife, happy life,” men let their other half win when it comes to competing against each other in games.

“Their male partners may . . . avoid potential relationship conflicts by allowing their spouses to win,” says one of the researchers.

Or maybe the women are actually beating the other half at Scrabble, Monopoly, etc., but he’s just one of those shady alpha males who insists, “You only won because I let you.” .

The sting will never change

Esther Rantzen warned about scammers read below. obituary It then appeared in newspapers, contacting grieving loved ones, claiming that the deceased had insurance and could expect a large payout once the final installment was handed over.

It’s despicable.

However, it is well known to those who have seen excellent works. movie “Paper Moon” was released in 1973.

The story centers on a con man, Moses Prey (Ryan O’Neal), who reads an obituary and shows up on a widow’s doorstep, claiming that her late husband asked her to engrave a Bible but hasn’t paid for it yet. is.

In other words, the more the needle changes, the more it stays the same.

A recently published study reports that ginger may add some spice to your sex life.
It might hurt a little.

It might hurt a little.

Who wants H&M?

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have revealed they may accept a formal invitation to spend Christmas at Sandringham.


Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have revealed they may accept a formal invitation to spend Christmas at Sandringham.Credit: Etsy/inkski

The Sussexes revealed the following through a ‘source’: king formally invite them to spend Christmas At Sandringham, they may accept immediately.

They don’t understand that, do they?

Given that every cough and spittle of their family interactions seems to be leaked to the media, you’d think the media would want to invite them to a Christmas table laced with unresolved arguments and excesses. , alcohol And do you have older “unmessaged” relatives?

I can only imagine how that would happen william and katewho is reportedly still furious following his brother’s revealing memoir.

Watch this space.

But in the meantime, here are some congratulatory cards they might like.

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/24812360/stolen-car-petty-police-chiefs-thefts-criminals/ Police Chief: Stolen cars are not ‘trivial’… Lack of concern for theft gives criminals freedom to help themselves

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