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Polls find that patients want more GP in local surgery as a top priority

Studies show that increasing the number of GPs who book appointments is the biggest improvement many people make with surgery by local doctors.

According to a British Medical Association (BMA) survey, a total of 44% of people say that if one change can be made to local practices, that is a top priority.

14% said they wanted to increase the number of telephone lines available, 10% said they wanted more medical staff other than doctors, and 7% said they wanted more hands-on nurses. ..

According to a British poll, a total of 13% said they wouldn’t improve.

The findings were announced when the BMA launched a campaign to encourage the public to “support your surgery.”

It includes petitions that people can sign and needs to fund improved buildings and increase government investment to hire more GPs.

BMA GP Chair Dr. Richard Vautrey also includes being “candid and honest” with patients about the pressure, backlog, and how to deal with it.

He states: “Covid-19 has changed the look and feel of GP services, and it’s incredibly frustrating for patients who just want to meet their doctors in person without delay.

“We were not, like any other NHS, ready for a pandemic. Decades of lack of funding and a serious shortage of staff have made the results of the last 18 months significant on these pressures. It affected.

“They are also, of course, very stressed by the patient, sadly this leads to bad behavior, and worse, some staff report cases of abuse and violence from the patient. doing.

“This is not the way we want. GPs and their teams are similarly dissatisfied, and general practitioners are doing their best to relieve the pressure of their surgery, but the government is urgent. Without our support and funding, we and our patients cannot make the changes we want. “

A similar percentage of respondents felt that the government (27%) and the GP and other working staff (26%) were responsible for the unprocessed portion of their regular appointments.

Almost one-fifth (19%) believed they were responsible for managing the NHS, and 14% said they were responsible for the local commissioning group.

Dr. Vautrey said:

“We hope that this GP-patient collaboration campaign is the beginning of providing not only what is needed for general practice, but what patients deserve.

“Therefore, we ask everyone to sign a petition asking the government to provide better service and the necessary funding to more doctors. If you support your surgery, it will ask you. It means you can be there to support. “

A spokesperson for the NHS said:

“The NHS has also introduced financial incentives to those who have completed training in lesser areas of the country and has invested in many schemes to maintain and hire more than 6,000 GPs and more than 26,000 general practitioners. . “

BritainThinks surveyed a nationally representative sample of 1,732 adults in the United Kingdom online between August 6th and 8th.

Polls find that patients want more GP in local surgery as a top priority

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