Porsche 911 GTS2021 UK Review

what is that?

Within 1 month after driving New Porsche 911 GTS In Italy, I had the opportunity to try one of the first right-hand drive versions that arrived in the UK, the all-wheel drive Carrera 4 GTS Coupe experienced on difficult wasteland roads around Weardale, Durham.

The new GTS Close to the model family Rather than trim levels, you have a choice of coupe, cabriolet, Targa body shells and numerous potential dynamic options. But the biggest headache for UK buyers can exceed the number of driving wheels. Choosing a Carrera 4 GTS over a rear-wheel drive GTS will incur an additional charge of £ 5580 and an additional mass of approximately 50 kg, but can improve traction even in slippery conditions. Something I found on the test drive.

Other items on the optional Dynamic Smörgås board mounted on the test car included rear axle steering, PCCB carbon brakes, and speed-sensitive Power Steering Plus, but without the roll-fighting PDCC dynamic chassis system. bottom.

What is it like?

Porsche GTS chassis components and settings Turbo S On difficult roads, I felt much harder than a regular Carrera or Carrera S. Both stability and traction were impressive, even when the rain tried to stop play.

However, GTS drivers can spend a lot of time moving the choppy tarmac to find the optimal setting for the PASM adaptive damper. On the bumpy (but very good view) B6278 (one of the toughest tests of chassis etiquette in the UK) from Eggleston to Stanhope, normal mode has a hard time digesting high frequency waveforms and speeds up. As the front of the car became brighter. Choosing a sport imposes iron discipline, but at the expense of a powerful hip blow through the seat base.

However, beyond mild discomfort, the Carrera 4 GTS proved to be very impressive in delivering turbocharged impulses to almost every road surface. GTS’s 3.0-liter horizontally-opposed 6-cylinder isn’t enough for turbo-on-poke, and its 473bhp is only 29bhp for the Carrera S, but its ability to deploy it is better than the numbers themselves, especially given the GTS’s low-down torque. Much more important. The sparkling reaction of the 8-speed PDK gearbox of the test car.

Porsche 911 GTS2021 UK Review

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