Portable power stations for your Caravans, Motorhomes & Camper Vans

If you want to spend a decent amount of time camping without a hook-up to a mains outlet, there is a chance you require an excellent portable power station. With summer around the corner and most people finally getting out after the pandemic, you would probably hit your nature trails running. Investing in a power pack is essential if you plan on spending several days out – this means both AC and DC power for all your electrical items.

Ideally, the best ones are portable solar power stations that allow you to successfully live off-grid without causing a strain on the surrounding ecology. Solar-powered stations can be charged through mains, but are ideal when charged naturally. Charging them through mains defeats the purpose of solar-powered, energy-efficient power stations, and you would need to keep a constant eye on the power. They are excellent for small and large items in your camper like lights, fridges, grills, and even mobile charging.

What To Look For During Selection?


While selecting a portable power station, it is necessary to understand how you intend to use it. Capacity is crucial since it determines the usability and functionality of the power station. It is possible to understand the capacity needed by looking at the mAH or Wh (Watt-hours). Simply put, the larger the values, the more powerful it is.

A 7800mAH battery or 30Wh would work perfectly fine for simple things like mobile phones and cameras. However, this capacity will not charge a fridge. For oversized items like fans, DSLR cameras, stoves, mini-fridge, and more, you would need something up to 2000-3600Wh.


Different power stations offer various outlets. Smaller portable power stations charge small cameras and smartphones via USB outlet ports. Larger capacity power stations provide multiple outlets for AC and DC supply.

The larger variants can also offer USB, cigarette chargers, AC, and DC. However, the larger the power station, the extra the cost. The price increase is because additional outlets require more power.

Charging Speeds:

When you’re out camping and you run out of power, how long are you prepared to wait to get the power station up and running? When considering the portable power stations needed for camping, your best bet is a quick charging solar-powered one. Always select a power station that offers you unparalleled speeds to charge your devices with multiple outlet options.

While this may seem slightly expensive, a professional, heavy-duty solar power station will help you save money if you think about the long term. You will not have to rely on EV stations or expensive electrical outlets. Instead, opt for a portable solar power station that charges in 4 to 5 hours just by being in the sunlight.

Versatile Applications:

Purchasing a portable power station for your camper does not mean it cannot have other applications. If you are back home after camping, are travelling by car to another city, or are facing a power outage, the portable power station will come in handy.

In emergency situations, portable power stations are excellent to load in the car, and ensure you have adequate power and get to safety. You can do all this by investing in a high-quality power station with long life and multiple applications.


Size of the portable power station and the weight play important roles in the overall selection. Many camper vans, motorhomes, and caravans are hard pressed for space. If you are short of space, there is a possibility you may need something lightweight and small in size. However, it is critical to remember that larger portable power stations have higher capacities and can work for longer.

What About Power Stations For Campers?

While purchasing a power station for your camper, you must first consider your needs and requirements. If you plan on camping for a few days or weeks, investing in a higher capacity and output portable power station makes sense in the long term.

You should also take stock of all the items you plan to take on the trip. If you are carrying several electronics that need regular charging, you would need something eco-friendly and holds substantial outlets for all your devices.

How to Increase the Efficiency of the Power station?

Power stations also need some care. To increase efficiency, you need to follow a few simple rules.

  • Unplug the power station once it is fully charged. Topping the power unnecessarily will adversely affect the battery life and drain energy quickly.
  • Fully charge the power station before leaving your house.
  • If you cannot charge it before leaving, ensure it is more than 50% charged since anything lesser than this percentage will take more time to recharge.
  • Avoid using the devices as they are being charged. Doing this drains the power stations faster.
  • As far as possible, avoid keeping the portable power station in direct cold air. Exposing it to constant cold air slows the discharge of energy.

How much Power Output would be needed for Caravans, Motorhomes & Camper Vans?

Most people consider purchasing portable power stations only when they have a requirement for their electronic machines and devices. Before purchasing a power station, you must take a stock of the devices you plan to carry with you.

Purchasing a portable power station that will not suit your requirements is a waste of money. Instead, you should carefully assess which of the electronic devices and machines you will need, their total power requirement, and how often you plan to use them. Understanding this need, will help you purchase a power station that fits all your outdoor charging requirements.

Power stations offer plenty of flexibility if you want to spend several days or weeks off-grid. Outdoor enthusiasts with multiple devices like mini fridges, stove tops, mobile phones, lighting, and more need robust, high-quality portable power stations with a long battery life. These power stations should be versatile and offer additional value to the fixed electrical and power installations already present in the campers, motorhomes, and caravans.

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