Power Roll, a solar power innovator, launched in India

Powerroll, a high-tech company in Sunderland, plans to open up the solar film market in India after winning a contract with an energy company.

Among the destructive energy technologies, power rolls create ultra-thin solar films that can generate and store electricity, producing green power up to 20 times cheaper than traditional photovoltaic technology.

Earlier in the month, the business, which secured a £ 5.8m investment in two rounds of funding, announced that it would then enter the Japanese market. Securing strategic partnerships With one of the country’s major energy companies.

Currently, the company has announced an agreement with Thermax Group, a leading provider of energy and environmental solutions, to open up the solar film market in India.

Power Roll sees India as one of the most important strategic markets for its technology and is launching operations in India to support regional growth.

Neil Spann, CEO of PowerRoll, said:

“Thermax can be a successful manufacturing partner in India with the right combination of renewable energy and manufacturing expertise, as well as size and scale.

“Our technology licensing model is in perfect agreement with the country’s” Make in India “independence strategy of introducing 280 gigawatts of solar energy by 2030 and its world-leading ambitions. This agreement is an agreement with Thermox following a recent partnership with one of Japan’s major energies. Companies open up another important new market for solar film. “

Ashish Bhandari, MD and CEO of Thermax, said: “We are pleased to partner with PowerRoll, a technology company that implements innovative green solutions. As a way to increase the adoption of solar technology in a variety of applications in line with India’s ambitious renewable energy goals. I am looking forward to this partnership. “

The agreement will allow the two companies to work together to assess the market potential for large-scale production and deployment of Powerroll’s unique solar films in India.

Collaborative activities include identifying applications for lightweight solar films and green energy solutions in the region.

During the agreement, the parties will share knowledge about low-cost production processes, efficiency and identify examples of solar film use in India. A successful conclusion to the agreement will look at Thermax Licensed Power Roll technology for the commercial manufacture and sale of solar films in India.

Power Roll, a solar power innovator, launched in India

Source link Power Roll, a solar power innovator, launched in India

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