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Pregnant Vogue Williams is in “sex ban” and shocks her husband Spencer Matthews

Vogue Williams revealed that she had been sexually banned by her doctor. And he didn’t impress her husband Spencer Matthews.

36 years old now During pregnancy I am planning to give birth in April with the couple’s third child.

The presenter admits that she is currently under strict orders for the next two weeks not to have sex.

Speak on her podcast My therapist made me a ghost They were discussing the movement with her best friend Joan.Report when Vogue explains how he had to stop exercising mirror..

She said: “I have to train my backburner properly. I went to the doctor the other day-I’m banned from sex-I’m going to the Maldives-I’m me Lying there with a probe inside.

Vogue Williams is banned from having sex by doctors

“And the doctor says,’I can’t have sex for two weeks until you come back, so I can monitor it.'”

Explaining the problem and the shock to her husband’s ban, she continued: “And Spencer’s face, he was like,” Excuse me, what, Dr. Vasso? “

“We were looking at my cervix, and every time I laughed, it was constant because he kept up with it, it became more of a problem.”

Vogue Williams is currently pregnant with her and Spencer Matthews' third child
Vogue is currently pregnant with her and Spencer’s third child

“Be careful because the cervix is ​​a little open. You are allowed to go swimming. You are not allowed to take fast walks or do shocking things.”

The family is currently on vacation in the Maldives. Vogue recently revealed that Spencer expects to propose again after the first proposal was awkward.

A former Made in Chelsea star, after meeting on Channel 4’s show The Jump in 2017, asked her to marry him just a year after being together.

Spencer spoke with his best friend Jamie Laing on podcast 6 Degrees, revealing that he was still embarrassed by the “shit” proposal.

Vogue Williams expects Spencer Matthews to propose again in the Maldives after the first proposal for
Vogue wants Spencer to propose again in the Maldives after the first proposal for “s ***”

The 33-year-old kneeled after her favorite Disney movie, The Lion King’s West End performance.

He explained: “We went behind the scenes and Simba, Mufasa, and Nara and Scar were just standing there.

“And I was like,’Well, this would be weird.’ I knelt in front of the lion’s pride. Of course, this was the waist end. When I proposed to her, I think she was a little uncomfortable. “

Vogue then discussed the couple’s podcast Spencer & Vogue’s “s ***” proposal and explained how she was “p *** ed off.”

Vogue said Spencer was shocked by the news of a ban on sex

She confessed: “I heard Spencer talking about his proposal on Jamie’s podcast, but it really made me sick.

“I was like’What do you know? It was s ** t, it was a suggestion of as ** t’. It could be one of them … I s ** I want another suggestion, not all of you, not t. “

Spencer agreed with his wife, admitting that he had “worried me for four years.”

“I tried to do something good … I didn’t know there was a nasty Mufasa standing next to me.”

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Pregnant Vogue Williams is in "sex ban" and shocks her husband Spencer Matthews

Source link Pregnant Vogue Williams is in "sex ban" and shocks her husband Spencer Matthews

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