Presenter Kate Thornton says lows help evaluate highs

One lesson I learned from life: Presenter Kate Thornton says lows help evaluate highs

  • Kate Thornton is known for introducing Pop Idol and fixing Ruth Wimin
  • Kate, 48, who lives in London, has announced a podcast of white wine question time.
  • She embraces people with new ideas, feels afraid and encourages them to do it anyway

Kate Thornton, 48, unveiled the first three series of Pop Idol and The X factor Fixed daytime TV shows Loose woman.. She currently publishes a podcast, White Wine Question Time, and lives in the southwest. London With her 12-year-old son, Ben.

Lows help to understand highs

My English teacher at school, David Pugh, was a great champion who had a huge impact on the rest of my life. He had a big dream for me and dared to believe that the world was really my oyster.

I remember saying in a session with a Career Advice Officer that I wanted to be a journalist. She wilted and looked down.

She asked if the typing course was a bit more realistic as an option in line with my abilities, except with her head on one side and her lips rounded.

Kate Thornton, 48, who lives in southwest London and is known for fixing Loose Women, says she can’t rate highs without experiencing lows.

I was furious — and my dad was also furious. He marched to school and demanded, “Dare to crush the children’s ambitions!”

Both my parents and Mr. Pew have decided more than ever to build a career for myself.

At the age of 21, I became the editor of Smash Hits, and in that position I occasionally popped up on TV. One day I got a cold call from ITV producer Trish Powell. He finally persuaded me to be a good TV presenter.

Like many people, I suffer from impostor syndrome, but if I tell myself enough to do something, I usually find that I can.

When it comes to change and new technology, I can’t stand the outdated. But I’ve never had a career plan — I’m so disappointed.

All you can do is accept new ideas. For example, I was happy to be able to jump digitally from a traditional TV.

And what is the worst thing that can happen? You may not always succeed, but if you have never experienced a low, how else can you rate the high, so is that good?

You need light and dark. My philosophy is to be afraid and do it anyway.

Whatever I have, I have worked. And, as I always tell my son, how to measure success is up to you, not how others perceive it.


Presenter Kate Thornton says lows help evaluate highs

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