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Previous Girl: From the cast to the book on which it was based, here’s what you need to know about the new BBC drama

If you already have enough cheap stuff Christmas Movies, festive TV specials, and the BBC One may have something to keep you entertained this week.

New 4-part thriller Previous girl It will be aired four nights in a row for Big Day and is undoubtedly an antidote to regular Christmas Schmaltz.

If it sounds like something in your city and you want to know more, this is what we can tell you about it …

What is the previous girl?

According to the BBC, The Girl Before is the story of Jane, who had the chance to move to a beautiful ultra-minimalist home designed by a mysterious architect.

“There is only one catch. Residents must follow a strict list of rules. Jane begins to feel the house changing her in unexpected ways, but she is her predecessor. When she makes a shocking discovery about Emma (Jessica Plummer), she is forced to confront anxious similarities. When the timelines of the two women are interwoven, Jane is destined for her. I start wondering if I’ll be the same as the girl in … ”

Jane moves to OneFolgate Street

Who is the girl before the cast?

Gugu Mbatha Law (Morning Show, Loki, Black Mirror) plays Jane Cavendish, a financial PR executive who gets comfort at One Folgate Street.

The minimalist home, shocked by recent trauma, is a hideaway from Jane’s struggle, and the discipline needed to live there chimes with her own work ethic and a high standard. But the mystery of what happened to the girl who used to live there soon begins to eat her up.

“She is incredibly raw on the inside,” says Gugu. “One Folgate Street is actually exploring opportunities for Jane to make a new start, but all of them still afflict her in the house.”

Gugu Mbatha Lo plays Jane
Gugu Mbatha Lo plays Jane

Jessica Plummer (EastEnders, I’m A Celebrity) plays Emma Matthews, a female who previously lived on One Folgate Street.

Emma moved home at some point in her life when she wasn’t happy with her career and partner, but had been traumatized by two separate acts of violence in the past, which were always too embarrassing to share.

Jessica said: “Emma uses distractions as a coping mechanism. She wants to lay down something that isn’t working anymore and reinvent herself again.”

But while she wants to find safety and security, her life quickly goes out of control.

Jessica Plummer as Emma

David Eurowo (Selma, Nightingale, Spooks) plays Edward Monkford, a successful but mysterious architect on One Folgate Street. Edward is described as a perfectionist so that the slightest flaws around him cause him almost physical pain, but his sorrow is manifested in the extreme minimalism that exists in his architecture. ..

“He also has this fascinating condition called repetitive coercion,” explains David.

“When we talked to some therapists for research, we all realized that over the course of our lives, we either make the same mistakes or make the same choices to some extent. For … exploring it was intriguing, but then tried to control his life, manipulate his life, and stay in the driver’s seat of his life to a completely unhealthy degree. Also the concept of this man.

Viewers will wonder if Edward is dangerous or just damaged, and if he is a victim or a murderer …

David Eurowo plays Edward
David Eurowo plays Edward

Ben Hardy (Bohemian Rhapsody, X-Men: Apocalypse, EastEnders) plays Emma’s partner Simon Wakefield. He suspects Emma is out of his league and will do anything to make her feel that he is “alone” to her.

“He’s in Edward’s Alpha Male Beta,” says Ben. “The character is very obedient … he wants to be alpha, so he beats himself to be so obedient.”

Ben Hardy plays Simon

Which book is The Girl Before based on?

Girl Before was featured on television from the 2016 novel of the same name by writer JP Delaney.

After the release of this book, it became a New York Times and The Sunday Times bestseller, with over 1 million copies sold in 40 countries.

The author also publishes titles such as Perfect Wife, Believe Me, and Playing Nice.

JP Delaney is a pseudonym that the same author published a Carnivia trilogy under the name Jonathan Holt and published titles such as The Food Of Love, The Wedding Officer, and Undressing under the name Anthony Capella.

The show will air from Sunday for 4 nights
The show will air from Sunday for 4 nights

How is TV adaptation different from books?

According to JP Delaney, who also wrote the script for the TV series, it’s more plot-wise “simple” than the book because it had to cut out part of the “twist and turn”. That said, he assures the reader that the show is “very similar to the overall plot.”

But he says the main difference is that the book is “very much in the genre” as a thriller, “plot and pace are everything”, while the TV series is “more nuanced than the book,” It’s character-led. “

“On TV, we have a chance to unpack people’s characters a bit more … that’s one of the most fun things to do,” he adds.

When was the previous girl?

The Girl Before will air on BBC One from Sunday 19th December to Wednesday 22nd December at 9pm, and episodes can be streamed on iPlayer.

Previous Girl: From the cast to the book on which it was based, here’s what you need to know about the new BBC drama

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