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Princess Andre sobs as dad Peter Andre surprises her in a dolphin swim

Princess Andre, 13 years old, sobbed as a dad Peter She surprised her with an incredible experience during her family trip to Portugal.

To young people and daughters Katie Price Peter Andre was spending time with his brother Jr., his dad Peter, and his stepmother Emily McDonough.

Amelia (7 years old) and Theo (4 years old), children of Peter and Emily, also joined the escape.

In a sweet clip shared on the YouTube channel, Peter told 110,000 subscribers that he wanted to surprise his “lovely daughter” with something special.

In the introduction of the clip, Peter said:

The princess was shocked by surprise

“So I brought her here today, and she doesn’t know she’s finally going to meet the dolphins in person.”

Later, Peter asked the princess: “So where are we?” “I don’t know!”

“Do you think that’s what you think?” Peter added, “How long have you asked me for this?”

The princess was overwhelmed by emotions as she covered her face with her hands and was in a hurry to give her dad a hug.

Princess Andre
Young people wanted four years of experience

When the pair hugged, tears began to flow freely, and she couldn’t believe what was happening.

“Are we really going to do that?” She asked her dad.

“The excitement of the children’s faces was incredible. The princess couldn’t believe it,” Peter said in a straightforward piece to the camera.

He elaborated that the princess had actually swam with dolphins when she was young, but she eagerly wants to repeat this experience for about four years.

Princess Andre
The princess was overwhelmed by emotions when she hugged her dad

Children joined the pool and approached gorgeous creatures after being briefed on how plastic could harm wild dolphins.

You can see them petting dolphins in the water-and they appear to be exploding.

Elsewhere in vlog, it’s easy to see how the holidays have changed, as the whole family must take the Covid test.

They also enjoyed a sunset cruise on the water and a lot of time on the beach.

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Pete paid £ 2,520 a week to a luxurious villa in Verderobo while Portugal was still on the green list, and the family went home before the switch to the amber list. So you didn’t have to quarantine at home.

And they were abroad at the same time as Princess’s mother Katie Price and her fiancé Karl Woods.

Sources said OK! The magazine that the pair met commented as follows. “Peter and Katie were both in Portugal at the same time, and Katie wanted to see her children, so of course Pete met her with her children.

“Pete is a nice person and very important to the kids. Everyone was sitting and drinking coffee and it was really great.”

Princess Andre sobs as dad Peter Andre surprises her in a dolphin swim

Source link Princess Andre sobs as dad Peter Andre surprises her in a dolphin swim

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