Protesters block Southwark immigration reporting center


rotestors blocked the entrance to the immigration center London While calling government End that “dehumanization” reporting process.

The protest took place at Beckett House, Southwark, Thursday afternoon, similar scenes took place at news centers across the country, including Liverpool, Manchester, and Leeds.

Immigrants Waiting for permission to stay in the UK has been released on bail from their detention center and should be reported to the Immigration Center on a regular basis.

The frequency of reporting varies from once or twice a week to more, but throughout the coronavirus pandemic, reporting was not a mandatory bail requirement.

Protesters try to deliver a letter to the center’s manager

/ Angela Christophillo

As many as 300 people participated in the demonstration.

Campaign participants said the protests indicated “a growing consensus that forced immigration reports correspond to unnecessary harm and harassment.”

Maymuna Osman of campaign group Migrants Organise told Standard that the reporting experience could be “sneaky and inhuman” for migrants, including those fleeing oppressive regimes.

She states: “For immigrants who have experienced horrific trauma, it’s definitely a sneaky process. Home office I’m not doing anything to ease immigrants.

“We know that some people have been sent to reporting centers miles away from where they live, such as someone in Hertfordshire having to go to Hounslow.

The manager refused to get off, campaign officials insisted

/ Angela Christophillo

“While waiting for the results of your application, if you are not allowed to work, it is difficult to cover your travel expenses, but you may be detained at the center. We know this will happen.”

She added that campaign participants want the entire reporting system to be abolished because of the “stress” that can already be a “very traumatic time” for migrants.

Protesters block Southwark immigration reporting center

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