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PSNI WhatsApp Scam Warning Disguised as “Family” Scammers Want Money

The PSNI has received numerous reports of scams prevailing on WhatsApp and is calling on the general public to be vigilant.

Scams include text or WhatsApp from someone claiming to be part of a family and have the common purpose of encouraging recipients to send money.

This warning is issued on Wednesday alone after 11 fraud reports from victims nationwide.

Director Gerald Pollock “Yesterday alone (October 13), we received 11 reports from individuals in Down County, Arma County, Tyrone County, Antrim County, and Delhi / Londonderry County.

“In each case, the person who claims to be part of the family, often the daughter or son, demands the money. Usually, the” child “is short of money or has delayed payment of the invoice and receives it. Ask someone to send money to your account. This is supported by the story that he or she recently changed his or her phone number or phone number.

“It’s a sneaky act, probably taking advantage of someone’s willingness to help a loved one away from home.

“In some of these cases, the victim is cautious enough to check with relatives and therefore realizes that it is a scam before leaving with money. But sadly, this Is not always the case. “

Director Pollock continues: “Scammers use every possible means to deceive people. Scams come in many shapes and sizes, but they have one thing in common. Scammers are the honesty and vulnerabilities of their targets. It depends on your gender. It disappears in a blink of an eye and you can feel confident.

“Don’t get involved. If you receive a message like this, take the time to contact your loved ones in a reliable way. Do not start a dialogue using the same text or WhatsApp trails. . “

For more advice and information, please visit: Or ScamwiseNI Facebook page @scamwiseni. If you have any concerns about nuisance calls, emails or letters, please report them to Action Fraud from our website. Alternatively, call 0300 1232040. You can also call the police with a number 101 other than an emergency call.

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PSNI WhatsApp Scam Warning Disguised as "Family" Scammers Want Money

Source link PSNI WhatsApp Scam Warning Disguised as "Family" Scammers Want Money

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