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Pub boss said the Welsh government shouldn’t sing football fans during the Euro 2020 match

According to government guidance, Welsh football fans preparing to play the Euro 2020 match on Saturday should not sing their support in the pub.

We’ve been waiting for both players and supporters after the tournament was postponed for 12 months due to a coronavirus pandemic last year.

The flag remained folded in a drawer and was ready to be spread to support Wales against Italy, Turkey and Switzerland in the opening round of the tournament this weekend. Welsh pubs and bars have more than a few Welsh football shirts as people enjoy Euro entertainment after a difficult year.

Many fans spend months at this moment as the country is blocked or blocked, pubs and hospitality facilities are finally open, offering intriguing hope of watching sports in the pub with friends. I have also expected.

We can do that during the Welsh-Swiss clash in Baku tomorrow, but according to current Welsh government guidance, both are enthusiastic to sing and shout chants, which should be “avoided”. If so, you may be told to be quiet.

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Advice and guidelines for hospitality business Welsh government, Outlined how it can be safely opened when the blockade is over and the drinker returns to the pub or bar a few months later.

The “Keeping Wales Safe: Tourism and Hospitality Guidance” document on the Wales Government website outlines recommendations and prohibitions for pubs, bars and restaurants. Section 4.7 describes the “normally required” steps to minimize the risk of exposure to Covid. –19 on closed premises is “Instruct guests / visitors to move through closed public areas as soon as possible and not scream or sing in such areas.”

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Other proposed measures include opening windows, supporting open internal doors where possible, maximizing ventilation by installing a one-way system, and maximizing the venue while maintaining social distance. Includes displaying the safe capacity.

A year away from the pub, with drinks this weekend, enthusiastic fans may struggle to keep the ban on singing, but stay home and sing to support their favorite team. Cannot be stopped.

Pub boss said the Welsh government shouldn't sing football fans during the Euro 2020 match

Source link Pub boss said the Welsh government shouldn't sing football fans during the Euro 2020 match

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