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“Our purpose is to create an interior that reflects the people who live there and create a beauty that everyone can enjoy,” says Lucinda, who has designed the perfect interior since the studio was launched in 2010.・ Block Webster says. A balance between modern and traditional. Classic design and architecture have always been at the heart of each project, and the LBW interior creates a timeless scheme that brings harmony to each room.

Christabel Chubb learned more about the studio’s unique work …

Project reading room with LBW interior

What is your background in the design industry? What made you decide to set up your own design studio?

I’ve always loved interiors, and when I was a kid I was constantly refurbishing my bedroom. Studying architecture at Oxford Brookes University was a natural process. After a short job in the fashion industry, I combined my love for fabric and design to study upholstery at the Inch Bold Design School.

My first job in the industry was as a temporary PA for Emily Todhunter in Todhunter Earle. I got a lot of insight into the successful design method and liked it. He worked for Lady Henrietta Spencer Churchill, and for Collefax and Fowler’s Nichola Crowley. Both taught me a lot. I am deeply grateful to them for giving me the confidence to set up the interior of the LBW.

What are your best tips for creating a personal interior for each client?

When I first meet a client, I ask a lot of questions about the client and his family. It is very important that the interior schemes I present reflect their personality and work with their lifestyle. Also, when asked if there is something I especially like to keep at home, it suits the client’s tastes and I would like to incorporate existing items as needed.

During the planning phase, and throughout the project itself, I work closely with clients to get involved in the decision-making process. This really helps the client get involved and stay enthusiastic, and the final interior reflects that.

What is your favorite part of the design process?

This is definitely the installation phase for all projects. It’s very exciting and satisfying to see all the hard work coming together!

Tell us about the recently completed project you are really proud of …

I’m really proud of the large country house project I worked on last year over the blockade. This wasn’t the easiest situation, but when I visited the site in an unauthorized location, I made regular phone calls and video calls to loop each other.

My client had a lot of family work and antiques, so it made a lot of sense to her, so it was a big deal for her to incorporate them into a more modern interior and combine the two looks to create a cohesive mix. It was a lot of fun. The second phase of this project is scheduled for 2022 and I am very excited to be working on it.

What’s next for the LBW interior? Are there any exciting projects in your pipeline?

I am very excited to expand the team next year. There are some really nice projects lined up, including the second stage of my favorite project above, including pool house, gym and home office.

We have just begun the early stages of a complete renovation of a four-story house in Belgraveia and the decoration of a lovely Georgian building in Berkshire.

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Q & A with List Member LBW Interior | Interior Design

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