Racebird electric foil boat completes first test run

world’s first Electric foil race boat Completed the first test tongue in northern Italy.

The racebird, inspired by Norwegian designer Sophie Horn, is 150kW. Electric foil boat It was developed for the next E1 World Championship.

Heading to the Po River in San Nazarro, northern Italy, a prototype version of Racebird completed a series of technical tests and system checks, with former powerboat world champion Luca Ferrari taking the wheel.

Racebird engineers were able to evaluate and analyze the overall performance of the electric boat and learn more about its reliability on the water.

The Racebird test schedule will last for several weeks and the new vessel will participate in straight line tests, qualifying runs and race simulations.

Norwegian cruise companies pledge to launch emission-free vessels by 2030

Engineers focus their testing on setup and performance analysis and collect data on foil and handling characteristics in various race conditions.

Equipped with a 150kW battery and a Mercury racing outboard motor, the boat will rise quickly on the foil with instant torque and acceleration.

The single pilot 800kg Racebird will make its full debut at the first E1 World Championship, the world’s first electric raceboat series.

Co-founded by Extreme E creator Alejandro Agag, up to 12 teams and 24 pilots compete on the water at some of the world’s most spectacular race venues.

“Putting the Racebird on the water for the first time is a crucial moment for the E1 World Championship,” said E1 President of Agag.

“When you see it fly, you’ll see that this exciting new sports platform can be used to drive innovation in the marine industry and create great things for fans of visiting cities.”

The debut season of the E1 World Championship is scheduled to begin next spring.

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Racebird electric foil boat completes first test run

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