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Ralf Rangnick, Cavani’s Manchester United transfer, talks about Van de Beak and Henderson

During the January transfer period, players are more likely to leave instead of arriving at Manchester United.

Interim manager Ralf Rangnick has a large team of players to work with and has obvious classes in many areas, but there is a balance between filling and hitting.

With that in mind, the goal of mid-season seems to be to ensure that the team is as strong as possible at the end of the campaign. For now, it’s unclear what it involves in relation to sales.

Daily star sports There are speculations about your latest United transfer.

Fred expects Cavani to stay

Talk to ESPN Brasil (h / t Witness of sports ), Manchester United midfielder Fred said he didn’t expect Edinson Cavani to move this month.

After Cristiano Ronaldo arrived in the summer, Cavani placed a pecking order in the center forward position of Old Trafford and was instructed to transfer to the Brazilian club Corinthians.

But Fred said he had spoken to Uruguay about those connections, and Cavani said he wouldn’t go anywhere.

“I joked with him the other day, saying I had heard something about the Corinthians,” the Brazilian said. “I said a letter to the Corinthians, I played with him. He just laughed. He said he still had a contract to fulfill.”

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Rangnick wants “great” Henderson to stay

Rangnick said Dean Henderson wants to stay in United despite the lack of minutes this season.

At the end of the previous semester, Henderson and David de Gia appeared to be fighting evenly for Old Trafford’s first goalkeeper spot. However, the latter nods this season and remains in excellent shape.

As a result, there is a lot of speculation about the possibility of Henderson’s move.

“He’s a great goalkeeper, so I asked him to stay,” the German said. Sky sports..

“I really want him to be on board … I understand that he wants to play because he’s old enough to play regularly as a goalkeeper, but on the other hand we’re still 3 I’m old. It’s a tournament, so for now I need two and three goalkeepers. “

Van der Beak’s conversation revealed

Ralph confirmed that he had spoken to Donny van de Beek about his future at United and advised the Dutch playmaker to ignite the transfer.

Van de Beak has found it difficult to get the minutes since he moved out of Ajax in the summer of 2020. Rangnick’s arrival did little to improve his fate in terms of minutes.

The Dutch only play soccer for 20 minutes under his new boss, but he wants him to stick to it until the summer. Sky sports..

“I talked to him a few weeks after training … I told him to advise him to stay until the end of the season,” he said. “And of course, the World Cup will be held in winter, so he wants to play for his country.”

Ralf Rangnick, Cavani's Manchester United transfer, talks about Van de Beak and Henderson

Source link Ralf Rangnick, Cavani's Manchester United transfer, talks about Van de Beak and Henderson

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