RCGP members want a stronger response to “GP bashing” in the media

RCGP members urged university leaders to do more to counter the constant “GP bashing” by politicians, the media and the general public.

At the packed Ask the Chairs session at the RCGP Annual Conference 2022 in London, the chairs of four UK countries were asked questions. What is RCGP’s plan to inform the public about the important work we are doing and the important work we are not hiding? “

Professor Martin Marshall, Chairman of the RCGP UK Council, said the issue was part of a workload crisis in which the university took three strategic approaches.

“The purpose of this question is to change the nature of demand, but it’s really difficult. It’s probably the most unmanageable solution.”

He said the university had a role to play, but had limited resources. “We believe that the government plays a very important role in the public health message about when to use valuable resources, which are formal medical services, but in the UK, to come across something to the electorate, Ministers are not keen on doing that. They can’t have what they want. So the conversations we’re doing are very difficult, but we need to have them. think.”

Call the government

Dr. David Shackles, co-chair of the Scottish Council of the RCGP, said he achieved results by directly challenging politicians with unjustified criticism. ..

“There was an argument that people openly endorsed general practice, which was very useful and we were able to put it out in the media. It was really important.”

Members also asked how the university could raise awareness of workforce and workforce issues in the profession without discouraging GP morale and discouraging new hires in the future. Dr. Rowena Christmas, chair of RCGP Wales, said there is a balance between a campaign to maintain the GP and seek change and inspire the next generation.

“Still a great job”

“One of the reasons I stepped up to the leadership role was because I realized how much I love being a general practitioner, but because I heard this constant negative rhetoric, I’m single. Counseling will make a difference in someone’s life. It’s great.

“We need to keep pushing the government, but this is still an incredibly privileged job, not redundant, well paid, and getting great job satisfaction. Must be remembered. “

RCGP members want a stronger response to “GP bashing” in the media

Source link RCGP members want a stronger response to “GP bashing” in the media

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