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Victory Secret: Tickle the spine of Norwegian Knut Hamsun

The Hamsun Center Located in Hamaloy (a few hours by boat from Bode) in northern Norway, the novelist is dedicated to Norway’s most famous novelist, Knut Hamsun (1859-1952), and is the father of modern Norwegian literature. You are welcome. Designed by American architect Steven Holl, the impressive building has dominated the landscape for miles, with men such as the “hair” on the head (roof) and the metal “backbone” that penetrates the building. Provides references to his work. Beckoning hand (yellow balcony protruding from the dark façade).
M Pale

Roman pod music

Photo: Christine Webb / Alamy

Santa Cecilia looks like a giant silver beetle, or perhaps a computer mouse. It is one of three metal-roofed “pods”, each with specific acoustic capabilities and is part of the vast complex that makes up the Parco d’Elam Zika Auditorium. Designed by Renzo Piano and completed in 2002, it is located on the grounds of the 1960 Olympic Park on the outskirts of Rome. Pods are undoubtedly modernists, but the 2,700-seat outdoor theater nods clearly to ancient Rome, much like it uses travertine marble. I enjoyed the timeless experience of listening to music in the refreshing Italian night air.

Grayson Perry’s Secret Gingerbread Cottage, Essex

Grayson Perry's Essex House
Photo: Tony Watson / Alamy

Grayson Perry lives in the small village of Wrabness in northern Essex. Essex house.. Five years after its production, it was designed as a shrine for the fictional character Julie Corp. This stupidity is the gingerbread house from the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel. The building, covered with colorful relief tiles with a bright golden roof, is compared to the Stave Church in Scandinavia and the Oratory in Russia. Set in a tranquil landscape with views from the green fields to the mouth of Stool, this is a must-see if you are in “England’s Most Misunderstood Country”.
Allison Barker

Cocktail with Le Corbusier and Marseille

Marseille Modernist & Brutalist Citeradius or Unitedavition Roof Terrace
Photo: Chris Hellier / Alamy

Take a tour of common areas and typical apartments at Le Corbusier’s Unite Dabitation in Marseille, France. Snap attractive details such as modernist stained glass in the lobby and bold doors, handles and lighting fixtures in the hallways. Sunbathe on the rooftop azure tiles and refreshing concrete and admire the ingenious cupboards in the original flat kitchen cabinets.Get to the bar where you can sit and drink slowly Apero Watch the sunset. Tip: Chat with the concierge at the entrance desk or the server behind the bar to deepen your local knowledge.
Judith Moore

Giant’s feet slide down Valencia

Valencia Gulliver Playground
Photo: agefotostock / Alamy

I recommend Gulliver (from Jonathan Swift’s novel) Gulliver Park, Valencia, Spain.. It’s a great modern structure for kids to enjoy. It’s actually a playground based on the Giant Gulliver. He lies on the ground and various parts of him form stairs and slides for children to play with! Admission is free, but business hours may vary, so please check. The park is located in the eastern part of the Turia Gardens, near the City of Arts and Sciences, another wonderful modern building in Valencia.
Sue O’Brien

Straddle continent of Dardaneres

Canakkale Bridge and Lights at Dawn 1915
Photo: Ahmet Pectus / Getty Images

Travel from Asia to Europe in just 13 minutes. This is the time it takes to cross the brand new 1915 Canakkale Bridge, which straddles the Gallipoli Peninsula and the Daldanerez Strait, 40 miles northeast of the ancient city of Troy. North, a little west of Istanbul. Boasting the longest suspension bridge in the world, the bridge itself is beautifully constructed and resembles a sophisticated 21st century version of San Francisco’s Golden Gate. However, the main attraction here should be a wonderful view along the Daldanerez towards the Sea of ​​Marmara on one side and the Mediterranean Sea on the other side.
Jane Pearson

Close encounter in Graz

Kunsthaus Graz dusk.
Photo: Alamy

I recently strolled a night train from Venice in Graz, Austria and decided to take a walk in the old town early in the morning. When I came across a giant alien spaceship-shaped structure, I had to pinch myself and then drink strong coffee. The Kunsthaus is a surreal building, a modern art gallery built in 2003 that looks even better at night with 1,000 solar lights. It looks like it’s ready for takeoff.


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Whales sunbathe on the Donau River in Budapest

Barnaville, Budapest
Photo: Alamy

Barna (“whale”) in Budapest, Hungary is a large glass-enclosed building on the banks of the Donau River near the Great Market Hall. A versatile building with shops, cafes, bars and a great art gallery focused primarily on contemporary art. There are wonderful terraces with stunning views of the city, but the architecture itself is also very interesting. Designed by Dutch architect Kas Oosterhuis, it mixes historic brick warehouses with impressive high-tech metallic glass structures. Visits are completely free.For more information, see
McDonald’s Decker

Gorgeous distortion, Prague

Prague Dancing House
Photo: Alamy

The Dancing House in Prague, sometimes called “Fred and Ginger”, is a very cool building. It was built in the early 1990s-I think it is recognized as modern in architecture! It’s very rare because it sticks out of the famous Gothic / Baroque architecture in Prague. Located along the river in the New Town district. When first seen, it gives the impression of being depressed in itself, as if a fantasy / sci-fi movie visualized a black hole or wormhole, everything was distorted and the rigid structure looked like a liquid. I did. It’s really cool day and night.
Jordan Gale

Pristina, a geometric metal net

Pristina National Library-Kosovo
Photo: Leonid Andronov / Getty Images

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” certainly applies to the Kosovo National Library in Pristina. At the 1982 inauguration, the leader of the Communist Party asked why the scaffolding was not removed. However, he was intrigued by the unique cube and dome features that are relics from Byzantine and Ottoman traditions. Geometrically shaped metal nets appeared to be thrown into the outer wall, and 99 cupolas of various sizes added to the beauty and flooded the reading room with natural light. Inside was an entrance wall adorned with copper Börek-shaped coils and silver filigree panels studded with jewels.
Helen Jackson

“Really cool day and night”: Readers’ Top Modern European Architecture | European Holidays

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