Red Eyez: Make CBD available to the masses

CBD can be part of everyone’s daily health habits, but it must first be affordable, says Darshan Patel, founder of Red Eyez CBD.

Red Eyes CBD founder Darshan Patel provides industry insights Cannabis health news.. The potential benefits of CBD are well-reported, and the fact that this natural supplement can boost the well-being of everyone as the body’s awareness of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) grows makes the world I’m starting to wake up.

There is only one catch. Not only do you promise to improve your health, you must be prepared to make a financial investment.

Darshan Patel, the founder of the UK-based CBD brand Red Eyez, is trying to change that. He believes that the abundant CBD products currently on the market are overpriced and that companies are raising prices to make huge profits.

Red Eyes Broad Spectrum CBD

When Patel launched 1000 mg of wide-spectrum oil on the market after its launch in August 2020, it was an ideal starting point for anyone looking to try CBD for the first time, priced at £ 19.99.

This is in stark contrast to the cost of some products, which can reach three digits.

“When I started looking at CBD, the first bottle I saw was 10 ml and 119 pounds. It immediately postponed me,” says Patel.

“This is a big investment to make someone jump in and use it on a regular basis.”

He continues. “We’re trying to bring CBD products to the market that are affordable for everyone.

“There are many high-priced products on the market, but only a few offer products of the same or better quality.

“We want to incorporate CBD into people’s cupboards and into our daily lives as they use it on a daily basis, because it’s in the best position for them to benefit.”

Patel wants to make CBD accessible to everyone, not just those with sufficient disposable income. Since we all have ECS, we are all in a position to benefit from that trait.

“People are beginning to realize the fact that we all have ECS, so in reality we need access to this supplement,” he says.

“Like people take vitamins, CBD must be an addition to your daily life, but it must first be affordable.”

Red Eyes We also offer a wide range of products to ensure that everyone has something.

Red Eyez flavor

Its broad spectrum of oils includes attractive flavors such as tropical, as well as terpenes such as cannabis-themed gelato, Z skittles, strawberry kush and lemon scank.

In addition to tinctures, topical medications, topical foods, bath bombs, and coffee infused with CBD, a new range of superfood nootropic capsules has been launched on Amazon.

“Our oils and nootropics are a fun way to take CBD. People are often wary of taste, but taste makes it more attractive,” says Patel.

“But we still offer full spectrum oils that have the original hemp taste, so there is something for all types of consumers.”

Business has been doing well since the site opened last summer, and the pandemic has made people more aware of their health and well-being.

However, Patel admits that having a low-priced product can work against you.

“Some people think that if our bottle of oil is £ 20 and someone else is £ 60, it must be of poor quality, but I really don’t know what I’m still buying when it comes to CBD. Hmm, “he says.

“It’s important to convey the message that high markup does not necessarily mean high product quality.

“Our average sales may be lower than much of the market, but our return rate is good. People want to try CBD products and come back. Affordability is important. is.”

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Red Eyez: Make CBD available to the masses

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